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    Many of Crimea's cities were founded over two and a half thousand years ago, and since then the numerous wars and battles fought within them can be seen by the romantic ruins of the defensive walls and castles. During ancient times and throughout the middle ages, the small Crimean states were constantly at war with each other, even resorting to getting help from Roman legions, hordes of barbarians, Byzantine fleets or Ottoman janissaries. Many wars resulted in Crimea's annexation to one empire or another, with each one leaving its own palaces and temples behind. Different historical destinies, and a bizarre mixture of cultures, have thus given our cities such diversity.


    Administrative status: The Autonomous Republic of Crimea (part of the Ukraine) and the City of Sevastopol, subordinated to the Republic of Ukraine.

    Capital: Simferopol, 370,000 inhabitants

    Area: the Crimean Peninsula area is 27 thousand square km.

    The highest Crimean mountain: Roman-kosh on the Babugan Plain 1545 m high.

    The largest territory stretch: North to south: 207 km, east to west: 324 km.

    Coast and beach line length Along the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov the coast is 1115 km long, of which 517 km is beaches.

    Time zone: Second (Moscow time plus one hour; CET-1, GMT-2).

    Climatic zone: Temperate.

    Bathing period When the water temperature is 17 C and above: from May 6 until October 23.

    Daylight duration on June 22: ~18 hours (4 a. m. to 10 p. m.).

    Total population: 2 million (+Sevastopol 0.4 mln).

    Annual number of tourist visitors: - 5 million.

    Ethnic structure: Russians (dominant), Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars, Belorussians, Jews, Greeks, and others (about 90 nations altogether).

    General communication language: Russian.

    Official language: Ukrainian.

    Official holidays: January 1 - the New Year Day, January 7 - Christmas Day, March 8 - International Women's Day, May 1-2 - May Day, Easter, May 9 Victory Day, Trinity, June 28 - Ukrainian Constitution Day, August 24 Ukrainian Independence Day.

    Electric power mains: V, 50 Hz, two-pin plugs.

    Measure units: European metric system.

    Monetary unit: Hrivnya UAH =100 kopecks.

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