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    Communication and Information Services

    Mail and postage stamps. There are post offices in all towns and large villages. Typically they provide services for both long-distance and international telephone calls, plus the sending of telegrams, registered letters, and parcels. If sending postcards or letters in souvenir envelopes, make sure that you have the correct stamp for the destination. In Ukraine postage stamps are in use which have no indication of their monetary value, instead, a letter code is given. It is necessary to state your destination address, and either the place you are staying in Crimea, or your permanent residence address.

    International parcels are subject to customs limitations. In large towns there are departments of the international couriers TNT and DHL. With these mailing is more expensive, but it is up to international standards.

    Electronic communication is one of the most dynamic areas. In large towns there are pay phones for international calls. Internet cafes and computer centres are opening up everywhere. Mobile phones operate that use one of the GSM 900, GSM 1800, or NMT standards. Temporary import of mobile phones is permitting for tourists. In Crimea the phones will be working on the roaming system, so you will have to pay both the operator in your country and the one in Ukraine, as well as a payment for the roaming service. For longer stays it is a good idea to buy a starter package for your phone with a Ukrainian number, and make that known to all your likely callers.

    On the whole you will get a greater selection of television channels if you are staying in Yalta or Sevastopol, particularly at one of the large hotels with satellite channels.

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