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    Seasonal differences in prices are considerable everywhere. In winter prices are at their minimum, with the exception of the New Year and Christmas period. In spring and autumn prices are normal, and in July and August they are at their highest. September is the "velvet" season and its prices are close to those of summer.

    Hotels and private boarding houses accommodate those who travel on their own. The choice is plentiful, and you can be arranged right on the railway platform, in the airport, or at any garage. The services vary, as does the prices. For one dollar a day, just a bed will be offered, but hundreds of dollars can be paid for an apartment or mansion. The prices are at their highest level in Sevastopol, since it is very popular with tourists from Great Britain, Germany, and France. When staying at private boarding houses (known as at grannies"),you have an unlimited choice, but you should make sure that the place is registered with the housing department, and that the owner is authorized to rent it.

    The different types of accommodation varies a lot. When Staying in a private house, usually no meals are served, in hotels you can have either breakfast, breakfast and supper, or three meals a day, with either the hotel "integral" menu (no choice available), or a buffet table. In private hotels you can arrange the menu in advance.

    Camp sites, and tourist centre boarding houses are meant for people in good health, and, as a rule, three standard meals a day are served (no choice is provided). Compared to hotels they offer more services and recreation facilities, but fewer accommodation options.

    Health resorts and holiday houses are meant for curing aliments and for general health improvement. Such institutions are numerous, in Crimea there are about 600 of them. The variety of bathing-treatments and climatic conditions on offer allow for curing practically all the systems of the human body. Heart, blood vessels, muscles, nerves, digestive systems, lungs, sexual functions and sterility can be successfully treated. The accommodation varies from inexpensive wards with large numbers of patients in each (for example in children's dormitories there can as many as 12) up to your own private apartment. As a rule, there are four or five meals per day, designed to be of a dietary and curing nature. In expensive health resorts the meals are selected on an individual basis, the client's wishes being taken into account.

    Children's recreation in Crimea was very big during the Soviet era. The Artek International Children's Centre is still the largest in the world. Its winter capacity is 2,500, whilst in the summer it can accommodate up to 6,000 children. There are also many therapeutic centres for children. Equally popular are children tourist and expedition centres, and camp sites. Teenagers from various countries take part in archaeological digs, combining hard yet interesting work, with a vacation in the mountains or at the seaside.

    For Scouting and other children's movements, the Crimea has been an international base for training youth leaders since the early 90s. Gurzuf is the seat of the Regional Bureau of the World Scouting Movement within the CIS countries, Afghanistan and Mongolia. The Ukrainian Scouts' headquarters are based at Yalta. In all seasons during school and national holidays, camps are arranged, where tours, games, competitions, and ecological events are held.

    Countryside tourism has developed in the vicinities of Bakhchisarai, Sevastopol, Evpatoria, Alushta, and Sudak. The level of comfort available goes up to that of the former aristocratic hunting castles, and in certain cases exceeds even that. You can rent a villa with a its own winter garden, pool, sauna, and sports facilities. On top of this you can go for drives in a Jeep or have rides in a horse drawn carriage. The majority of tourists throughout the year come to small village houses at the seaside to pick up fresh vegetables and fruits and to drink fresh cow milk. Here the products are as trustworthy as at home.

    You can have your pets with you so long as this is agreed in advance with the owner or proprietor of the private house or hotel you are staying in. In some cases you may have to stay in a separate cottage.

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