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    Sudak and Novy Svet

    To get to Sudak from Simferopol you travel 102km along the main road through Belogorsk and Grushevka. From Feodosiya (where there is a railway station) it can be reached by sea or road (55 km). Sudak has a number of large health resorts, some with a high level of comfort. For example, the complex "Sudak" has a swimming pool, an excellent park, and modern amenities, including everything needed for business tourism. The private sector also pays close attention to the luxuries offered.

    The most popular place in Sudak to visit is the Genoa fortress, which is both large, and in good condition. In the Consular castle, at the top part of a fortress, it is possible to see a small exhibition. Italians owned Sudak for about two hundred years, between the XIII and XV centuries. In 1475 the fortress was stormed and taken by the Turks. Holes made by the powerful guns can still be seen today within the walls of the fortress. At the top is the well-known Maiden tower , from which a princess was said to have throw herself into the abyss.

    Sudak Historical Museum has recently opened in the former summer residence of Funk. The cities greatest popularity was brought by international festivals of popular among youth of former USSR ' s countries game - Club of KVN, historical fencing and motorbikes. Aquapark in Sudak is also very popular with tourists, and fashion discos are held there at nights.

    The village Noviy Svet is situated 7 km west of Sudak, and the nature around it is unique and picturesque.

    Landscape reservation "Noviy Svet" contains a unique natural park of treelike juniper and sudakskaya pine. Golitsyn's tracks runs throughout the park from the village and up to cape Kapchik. There is a fee to enter. In its narrowest part, on cape Kapchik, the Through Grotto can be found. It is very popular with tourists and well worth visiting.

    The Blue bay in Noviy Svet is also popular because of the Imperial beach. Once, by the invitation of prince Golitsyn, Tsar Nikolay II arrived here on board his yacht "Shtandart". Nearby a dark blue bay is called Robber's Bay, it is squeezed between sharp spurs stretching far out to sea. The village itself is located upon the biggest bay, call Green Bay.

    The champagne winery " Noviy Svet " was founded in 1878 by prince L.S.Golitsyn, whom started the sparkling wine business in Russia. His attention to improving the quality of the product resulted in him receiving the gold medal at the 1900 World fair in Paris. The winery building is built in the style of a medieval manor, topped with four towers, and was constructed by L.S.Golitsyn for the employees. He lived with his family in a separate house (this still stands today), and one of buildings (close to the castle) is now occupied by Golitsyn's museum, called today the Historical Museum of Champagne winery . Besides 11 kinds of local champagne, there is a so-called "blend", which is both inexpensive and popular. The Massandra ' s tasting rooms are situated in Sudak (within the Museum of wines), and also at Veseloe and Morskoe. Solnechnaya Dolina (Solar Valley) is also well-known due to its unique wines from native Crimean vines. There is a museum and tasting room for tourists who would like to know more about the history and culture of Crimean wine-making, or who would simply like to taste various kinds of Crimean wines.

    Published on: 04/09/2005
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