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    Feodosiya and Koktebel

    Feodosiya is 100 kilometres east of Simferopol. Here you can find everything, curative muds, mineral waters, gentle seas, and golden sand. It has a dry and hot climate, and boasts many very experienced doctors. Here they treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the nervous system, blood circulation, and chronic illnesses of kidneys, bile tracts, and pancreatic diabetes.

    In the city, the towers of the Genoa Fortress and medieval temples still remain. There is also the excellent marine landscapes within the Aivazovski Gallery, and a museum to the writer Alexander Grin, which attract tourists, artists and simple romantics.

    Feodosiya is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It dates back over 2600 years when the Pontic King Mitridates VI built his fleet here to help in his war against the Roman Empire.

    A notorious figure from the Middle Ages is the Golden Horde's Khan Janibeck. In 1347, whilst besieging the city, he used catapults to throw into the city the corpses of his own warriors who had died from the plague. The Genoese fled to Europe and there they started an epidemic that took the lives of some 75 million people, about a quarter of the European population at that time.

    The city was also one of the centres of the Great Silk Path.

    At the city's market the legendary Ukrainian Beauty Roksolana was sold. She became the Turkish Sultan's wife and afterwards one of the most influential women in world history.

    The local tobacco manufacturer Stamboli could be termed a hero of capitalism. His magnificent villa stands as proof that not only did he have great wealth, but had excellent taste as well.

    The Koktebel settlement is famous for its cultural traditions and is associated with a number of famous historical characters. The must sees in Koktebel includes the gliding museum, and the museum of the poet, artist, and philosopher Maximilian Voloshin. The local wines, as well as cognacs, should be tasted.

    Silent soaring above are the paraplanes, gliders and hang-gliders, and they form part of the spirit of this place. The air-gliding museum is on Klementyev's mountain (Uzun-Syrt).

    Unforgettable views can be seen on sea walks, especially to Karadag ( Black mountain ). The names given to some of it rocks are like a fairy tale, for example the King and Queen astride the Throne . The finger of the Devil throws a long sharp claw into the sky (many metres in height). However the best known rock is called Shaitan - Kapu , or better known as the Golden Gates.

    The village Kurortnoe is the closest settlement to Karadag. The reservation administration is situated here. It is possible to make an entertaining and educational walk from here. The delphinarium is nearby, where shows with sea animals are held for tourists.

    Published on: 04/09/2005
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