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    Evpatoriya, Saki, Chernomorskoe and other centres

    Evpatoria is 70 kilometres to the west of Simferopol, and is one of the best places for the treatment and health improvement of children. Here you'll find the shallow, warm and safe waters of the Kalamit gulf, golden sandy beaches, muds and brine of salty lakes, thermal mineral water springs, and most importantly for families, moderate prices for accommodation and food.

    Abundance of antiquities and innovative ideas to simulate the creativity of children and adolescents make vacations to Evpatoria an unforgettable adventure.

    On Embankment, you can see the ruined wall of the fortress Cherkinitide , a prosperous and ancient city known to the first geographer, Hakateus of Millet, and even to the father of history Herodotus.

    In the 16th century following the design of the outstanding Turkish architect and engineer, Koji (Hodji) Sinan, the Juma-Jami (Khan-Jami) Mosque was constructed. Within the city, the collection of Karaites' praying houses date from the 18th century.

    Monuments to soldiers are reminders of the Crimean War (1854-56) and the Great Patriotic War (1941-45). In the neighbourhoods of Evpatoria some unique space-research units are situated, for example, in the Mirnoye settlement is the world's largest space data receiving station. The size of its antenna is around 4000 square meters.

    The health resort Saki (located halfway along the Simferopol-Evpatoria road) has been famous since antiquity for the treatment of male and female sterility, and for healing wounds. The muds and brine of Saki's lake, and the mineral water sources are credited together with a dry steppe climate, with the magical skills of the local doctors. Historical sights, ancient salt works, a fine 19th century park, and the proximity of the sea ,with it endless sandy beaches, will permit the patients to enjoy their stay at this resort.

    Between Simferopol and Saki, in the Shkolnoye village, is located the testing ground and station that controlled the famous Soviet Moonmobile .

    With the list of all the major tourism attractions of Crimea now complete, it remains to briefly mention just a few more places worth seeing. One is the Resort town of Chernomorskoe (in ancient times it was known as Kalos Limen, which in Greek means the Fine Harbour ). The Perekop Isthmus, with monuments to two heroic actions of the Red Army. In the heart of Crimea there is the White Cliff ( Ak-Kaya ) with a huge precipice and surrounding landscapes of chalk stone. This place has been chosen by various Soviet cinematographers for filming westerns. Besides its artistic value, the Ak-Kaya is also an archaeological pearl. There are 17 stone age sites nearby. Finally, it has its place in more recent history. In 1782, Prince G. A. Potyomkin accepted here the oath of allegiance to the Russian Empire of the Crimean Tatar aristocrats.

    In the Foothills, there is the city of Stary Krym ( Old Crimea ) with medieval monuments and a museum to the romantic writer Alexander Grin. The city also has a remarkable dry climate.

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