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    Sports, Fitness, Extreme

    Crimea has long been a base for training sportsmen from the different associations that compete in the Olympic Games. Thus a large number of sports facilities and schools were constructed for the use of these sportsmen. Many of them, for example, the Dinamo Stadium in Alushta, plus yacht clubs in Sevastopol and Evpatoria still offer excellent facilities for both training and recreation for track and field athletes, cyclists, and football players. There are also facilities for various kinds of diving, sailing and other water sports.

    There are numerous tennis courts , used for both international tournaments, and for amateur activities. There are often courts in some of the many health-centrers (eg: the Neva in Alushta) and also in major hotels (eg: the Yalta ). Delightfully they are sometimes placed in ancient parks, for example in the Massandra Park in Yalta, and in the park of the Children's Creativity Center in Alushta.

    Gyms and fitness clubs are highly popular, and can be found in all the cities and large towns, where guests are allowed to pay by the hour. Gyms are found in major hotels and tourist centrers, and quite often, there are training facilities in parks. At health resorts, the trainers are supplied as part of the health improvement and recovery program. This program is supplemented by various types of massage, plus Finnish saunas, and sometimes Russian baths.

    Water and aeronautical sports. On the majority of Crimean beaches, usually close to the ports (but sometimes in more unexpected locations), yachts clubs and rescue stations, give you the opportunity to rent small planes, air balloons (either single or double seated, with pilot), paraplanes, yachts, boats, hydrocycles, surf boards, boats, water bicycles, and diving equipment. The charges vary wildly, depending on both the season and the local competition. You can be towed behind a boat attached to a paraplane, on water skis or on an inflatable banana-shaped tube. These facilities mostly require the riders to have both strength and balance, and for rolling around on a wind surf, robust nerves are an advantage as well.

    The best way to take a picture of the seaside is from a water bicycle, or if you want fantastic video, then from a small plane.

    The hydrocycle is an very exciting form of entertainment, giving the rider a feel of spaciousness, speed and freedom. The controls differs little from that of a normal motorcycle, but turning is much steeper and the bounces more vigorous

    A new water park has been constructed 30 km west of Yalta, in the Blue Gulf. This offers water chutes and other similar attractions.

    Extreme sports and games have been developing for some time in the Crimea. These range from multi day trips through the Karst caves (including some flooded labyrinths), to flights by air balloons.

    The town of Koktebel even has a second name, Planerskoe (which means the Gliders place), since it is the birthplace of the Soviet light aircraft.

    International competitions are held in rock-climbing, underwater photography, break-dancing and other more unusual activities.

    An abundance of romantic ruins and rich history have attracted fans of role playing games to the Crimea, where they re-enact historical combats and other games .

    Military tourism has now started here, where the activities on offer include shooting from grenade launchers and flights in supersonic jet fighters. These take place at numerous army and airbases, that until recently were completely secret and off limits to visitors.

    For roller skaters, specially designed platforms are available in Evpatoria and Simferopol. In other cities roller skaters can use the smooth lanes along the quays or in the squares in the town centrers.

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