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    Winter sports

    30 kilometres from Simferopol and 12 kilometres from Alushta, the main range of the Crimean Mountains is cut by the Angarsky Saddle-Point (752 meters above sea level). Here from January until the beginning of March the snow (30 - 50 cm) is good enough for winter sports. For alpine skiers there are two 600m long drag lifts provided, the height difference being 450m. The can be found to the right of the Weather Station. Ski instruction, and the hire of different kinds of sledges, skis, and snowmobiles, are available for visitors. Most importantly search and rescue teams are available if needed.

    The Ai-Petri Plateau is above Yalta. The snow depths here can be up to a meter and a half, and skiing can be possible up to the middle of April. Right next to the Weather Station, a drag lift can be found, and the slope it serves is very good for novice skiers.

    Published on: 04/09/2005
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