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    Night Clubs and Show Business. Night life

    From July until September a large number of the best known entertainers in the Ukraine and Russia, as well as theatrical circus groups, come to the Crimea. Anton Chekhov once remarked that the Crimean cities were perfectly suited for entertainment tours .

    Since recent times, practically every city has been holding musical and theatrical festivals , both for professional and young performers, including children. Even bands from Africa and Latin America have participated in them. The backdrops of the ancient cities of Chersonesus, Cherkinitide or the medieval Genoa Fortress in Sudak are very popular for theatrical staging. At the health resorts the movie stars of the CIS countries often meet up. Concerts at stadiums and in concert halls are supplemented by performances in nightclubs . The price level in the nightclubs vary, with those in Yalta the most expensive, whilst the clubs in Simferopol are cheaper. In small resort towns, good concert halls and so-called resort halls are used for disco parties .

    Prostitution, although officially prohibited, exists where ever there is a demand, for example, in large hotels and ports. Establishments for those who love exotic erotic items do not really exist, but there is a few sex toys and other intimate goods available in speciality shops in Simferopol, Yalta and Evpatoria. There is no problem get acquainted with others at a disco party, the traditions of resort flirting has long been established in the Crimea. The risk of acquiring venereal diseases naturally exist here, like anywhere else, but is no higher or lower. Condoms are on sale everywhere, including in round-the-clock grocery booths. The AIDS level here does not exceed that of other common dangers.

    Any narcotics (including mild and synthetic) are prohibited. The use of them is considered a breach of the law, and possession or sale is a criminal offence.

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