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    Hunting and Fishing

    Hunting and fishing for tourists are provided by the Krymles Association, (Simferopol phone: +38 0652 44-27-19) the Union of Army Hunters and Fishermen, (Simferopol, phone:+38 0652 27-64-12) and the Krymsky Zapovednik (Alushta, phone:+38 06560 3-04-40). Depending on the season, the hunted animals can be Crimean red deer, roe, mouflon, wild boar, fox, hare, pheasant, or water foul (ducks and others). In the mountain rivers, special lake trout can be caught, and in addition there are lakes with mirror carp and other fish.

    For fishing at the seaside with one-hook tackle does not require any special permission. In other cases, you must visit the nearest rescue station to purchase a license. These stations are also one place where you can hire boats or cutters and get professional help. On the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov there are many fish delicacies: sturgeon, plaice, gray mullet, red mullet, goby, horse-mackerel, scomber, Kerch herring, and many others, aswell as molluscs like mussels and sea-snails. For all these types of fish, with the exception of the last one, there are seasonal limitations and bans in order to protect the stocks.

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