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    boarding house ' Russia ', Evpatoria, Crimea

    boarding house ` Russia `, Evpatoria, Crimea

    Boarding house "Russia" is opened since 1954 and located on seacoast, nearby from the well-known Mojnaksky lake from which extract a wound for curative baths. During too time, boarding house is near to city centre, in a fine landscape gardening file.

    Indications for treatment:

    • Revmatoidnyj an arthritis and a polyarthritis with functional insufficiency 1? 2, degrees; traumatic and other forms of an arthritis; osteoartrozy, ankilozirujushchy a spondilo-arthritis, osteochondroses.
    • Illnesses of nervous system: nevrity, a neuralgia, polinevrity, polyradiculitises, nevrofibromiozity, professionalrnye, infectious and rheumatic intoxications (but the termination of the sharp period); consequences of traumas of peripheral nervous system (backs, textures of nervous trunks), demanding surgical intervention, in the presence of signs of restoration of functions and not interfering independent movement; vibrating illness.
    • Gynecologic diseases: chronic inflammatory diseases of a uterus (metroendometrity, endotser-vitsity), chronic inflammatory diseases of appendages of a uterus and an inflammation tazovoj brjushiny, barreness female.
    • Illnesses of the top respiratory ways: chronic pharyngitises (often becoming aggravated); chronic hypertrophic tonzility, a chronic laryngitis, chronic rhinitises.

    In territory of boarding house you will admire set of magnificent plants which skilled gardeners watch.

    Boarding house "Russia" receives the visitors in cosy three-storyed buildings where there is a choice possibility: numbers lux, a junior suite, one - two - or tryohmestnye numbers. In each number there is a loggia, a bathroom and a shower, and in lux, junior suites and single rooms refrigerators and TVs are established. Except inhabited cases in boarding house territory the big film concert hall, library, a spacious dining room and a bar are located. In territory there are tennis courts, the athletic fields, an open cinema and a summer dance hall. At boarding house own beach, an input on which is resolved only under resort books.

    the Address:
    Republic of Crimea, Evpatoria, I.Franko's street, 25
    Medical services:
    a massage Office
    a Food:
    Rasctojanie to the sea:
    the Infrastructure:
    the Cinema, a bar, an athletic field, billiards, hire of TVs, hire of the refrigerators, the equipped beach, an exercise room, a sauna, a left-luggage office, library, park, a dance pavilion, a first-aid post, excursion bureau, booking of tickets, the international call box, parking place, mugs for children.
    a work Season:
    May - September
    stay Time:
    Any quantity of days
    2-mestn. Number
    3-mestn. Number
    4-mestn. Number
    1-mestn. Number chast.ud.
    2-mestn. Number chast.ud.
    2-mestn. A junior suite
    2-mestn. Lux
    In number:
    the Shower, a washstand, a toilet, the TV, a refrigerator, a radio receiving station.
    Discounts for children:

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