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    weather in Crimea


    boarding house ' Palmida ', Sevastopol, Crimea

    At your service placing in three floor comfortable case which is located only in 50 - 100 metres at southern coast of Crimea, in a reserved zone of cape the Buzzard.

    In the case to you will give possibility to choose:

    • the family improved seafront room;
    • number with conveniences with a view of the sea;
    • number with conveniences in the block with a kind on mountains.

    In the Evening, after hot summer day, you can have a rest in the number, look news on TV (6 satellite channels) or to speak by phone with native and friends who are from you far.

    In number there is a shower, a washstand, a toilet.

    Also you can, without leaving number, to drink soft drinks from a minibar and to try fresh fruit of Crimea.

    In cafe of boarding house you are waited by a thrice custom-made food. The Head cook will offer a refined table with an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables.

    boarding house ` Palmida `, Sevastopol, Crimea a free minute you can go in for sports or visit an exercise room where employment will be spent by skilled instructors. After that it is possible to visit a session of weakening massage. With it you will be helped by masseurs-professionals.

    To Diversify the rest to you the open pool with fresh water for children and adults will help. Its depth makes 1,5 m, and diameter - 14 m.

    In solar summer day possibility to have a rest on a beach equipped with chaise lounges and umbrellas will be given to you. At your service attendants.

    Fans of water entertainments are waited by underwater immersings with aqualungs, driving on water motorcycles and on a boat. Adventurouses can take pleasure in flights on a paraplane. And fans of fishing are waited by fascinating fishing.

    There is a possibility cosy in the Evening to sit in a bar, to dance and listen to live music.

    The boarding house Territory is protected by professional security service.

    To services having a rest a parking.

    You are waited by the extensive excursion program.

    Having a rest and to tourists possibility to visit "Swallow's nest" - an original knight's castle on cape Ah-todor is given.

    boarding house ` Palmida `, Sevastopol, Crimea Crimean mountains not high, but having risen on mountain top Ah-petri, you can estimate a coast panorama in all beauty.

    Fans of romanticism should visit the Alupkinsky palace of count M.S.Vorontsova with its unique museum collection. Original architectural sculptures, the Winter garden, huge park - all can be found it in a heavenly spot of Juzhnoberezhja.

    Passing vicinities of Yalta, it is necessary to glance in the former residence of Russian emperor Nikolay II - the Livadijsky palace - one of the main sights of Yalta.

    And, at last, it having appeared in Yalta - a popular resort of Ukraine, you feel in a museum open-air. City monuments will be presented to your look: the Armenian church, Alexander Nevskogo's temple, a temple of Ionna of the Silver-tongued orator, House museum AP of Chekhov.

    In a hero town Sevastopol unique possibility to see antique Chersonese, medieval fortresses, monuments to defenders of a city will be presented to you.

    boarding house ` Palmida `, Sevastopol, Crimea Being in mountains, it is impossible to neglect beauty of cave cities. Having visited Mangup-Kale and Chufut-Kale, you feel the knight in well strengthened fortress.

    The Most fascinating impressions will leave caves the Cornel-koba and Marble. Difficult labyrinths in six floors, the underground rivers - all it will inspire inquisitive tourists.

    Mountain falls Wuchang-sou and Dzhur-Dzhur - the present pearls of the nature of Crimea are surprisingly beautiful.

    the Address: Sevastopol, the Sevastopol zone JUBK N 8, cape "Buzzard".

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