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    a children's improving complex ' Coastal ', Sevastopol, Crimea

    Foros - a place of elite rest of former and present presidents, the top management and is simple men of means.

    The Children's improving complex "Coastal" (DOCK) which structure includes Nurseries improving camp "Комарова-1" and "Komarova-2", is in a picturesque place as a part of Forossky resort area at the Black sea. Here exclusively favorable environmental conditions, the warm sea with pure transparent water, the sun almost always shines.

    DOCK "Coastal" is in 45 km from Yalta and Sevastopol, is in an environment of picturesque mountains, reserved woods and parks. The swimming season lasts from May till October. The complex has the big, well planted trees and shrubs territory the area of 54 hectares with two equipped beaches.

    In complex territory are located: two stadiums, two opened pools, two kostrovye platforms, library, a computer hall, video salon, cafe nurseries, cafe-bar for adults, the house of children's creativity. The territory DOCK is installed radio, communication works, there are payphones, the big concert hall. 5 single food is organised.

    In a complex mugs work: a soft toy, a wood sculpture, the nature and imagination, a burning out, products from a skin, sudomodelnyj.

    a children's improving complex ` Coastal `, Sevastopol, Crimea Simultaneously in a complex has a rest about thousand children, as tutors students of leading pedagogical high schools of Ukraine work. Following the results of Leta-2000 DOCK "Coastal" the first place in a nomination "Best children's recreation camp of year" is awarded. Following the results of Leta-2001 the Special prize in a nomination "Special" is handed over a complex "Coastal".

    Conditions of residing of children: 3-4 local numbers with all conveniences; 4-5 local numbers with conveniences on a floor.

    Age of children: from 7 till 15 years inclusive. Duration of change - 17 days. The first change begins on June, 1st, last - since August, 12th. Cost of permits the contractual.

    the Additional services entering into cost of the permit:

    • compulsory education of children to swimming;
    • foot 1-3 day campaigns with skilled instructors of foot tourism;
    • foot thematic excursions;
    • driving on sea bicycles;
    • video salon work;
    • round-the-clock health services the qualified pediatrists.

    the Services which are not entering into cost of the permit (for an additional payment):

    • a meeting of children at station Sevastopol, Simferopol, delivery of children and their luggage in a complex and back;
    • the organisation of bus trips of groups of children at excursion to Sevastopol, Yalta, on Southern coast of Crimea;
    • acquisition of tickets at departure of children (as agreed).

    For registration in DOCK it is necessary to have following inquiries:

    • the Inquiry from the children's therapist about a state of health with instructions of the spent inoculations, contra-indications
    • the Inquiry on absence pedikuleza and infectious diseases.

    the Address: 99001, Sevastopol, street Dzerzhinsky, 53, Open Company "Югсевморсервис"

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