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    Boarding house ' the Blue gulf ', Feodosiya, Crimea

    the Boarding house "Blue gulf" is located in resort settlement Koktebel in 20 km to the southwest from Feodosiya on the bank of the Koktebelsky gulf at bottom of reserve the Penalty-dag.

    The Health resort has the arranged well cases on 900 places with numbers on 2-3 persons (in each number municipal conveniences: a shower, a washstand, a bathroom, hot water), in halls TVs. Are available also one- and two-room numbers of the raised comfort.

    In a park zone the arranged well summer cottages, a summer cinema, a sauna with pool, a dance pavilion, an athletic field, courts big and table tennis.

    To services having a rest also a dining room-cafe (a food 3 single); the arranged well beach with hire of stock and hydrobicycles, productive leisure on water, attractions of the big forms, parking place, hairdresser's, footwear repair, bars, modern medical branch with physiotherapeutic, cosmetic and massage procedures, ingaljatory, treatment and prosthetics of a teeth.

    The Fantastic nature surrounds Koktebel and its vicinities. An ancient extinct volcano the Penalty-dag the freakish rocks and grottoes as the silent stone theatre suits to itself, as if a mirage. Hundreds water colours and poetic lines were devoted to it by the passionate singer and the propagandist "kimmerijskogo" Crimea Maksimilian Voloshin. Tourist's bureau the Penalty-daga, in M.A.Voloshin's house museum, to Voloshin's tomb, in the cities of Sevastopols, Yalta, Feodosiya and the Pike perch with tasting koktebelskih wines and cognacs, sparkling wines "New World" leads foot, sea and bus excursions in reserved places.

    Will pass yours koktebelskie days, and you tell:

    "It is a fairy tale! A miracle! Small paradise!",
    And after you lines of the poet will fly:
    Here the sun - in the half-sky!
    Here air - as home-made beer!
    Here a teeth of Karadaga ran into the sky.
    Here the sea Homeric is thrown by a legend
    Carpet Kimmerijsky at Voloshin's house.
    Come to us, and you will not regret!

    the Name:
    Boarding house "Blue gulf"
    the Address:
    Republic of Crimea, Feodosiya, pgt. Koktebel, Lenin's street, 123
    Medical services:
    a massage Office, physiotherapy, the cosmetician, ingaljatory, tooth prosthetics.
    a Food:
    Rasctojanie to the sea:
    the Infrastructure:
    a Bar, the equipped beach, sea walks on the yacht, hire of water skis, sledge, surfing, courts, excursion bureau, the international call box, a sauna, pool, an athletic field, a cinema, a hairdressing salon, a dance pavilion.
    a work Season:
    All year long
    stay Time:
    14 days
    24 days
    2-mestn. Number
    3-mestn. Number
    1-mestn. A junior suite
    2-mestn. A junior suite
    In number:
    the Shower, a washstand, a toilet.

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