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    weather in Crimea


    Big Alushta

    Alushta and the Professorial corner;
    The Crimean reserve, Chatyrdag, Demerdzhi, Dzhur-Dzhur;
    Partenit, Karasan, Rock, Golubovsky stones (Ellingi), Karabah, Azure;
    East ellingi, Eureka, Semidvore, Sotera, Solnechnogorsky, Malorechensky, Fishing, Kanaka, Privetnoe

    The Administrative area of Crimea stretched from Partenita in the southwest, to with. Privetnogo in the southeast, it combines comfort and aristocratism of Southern coast (in the west) and volnitsu a resort virgin soil (in the east), and in a mountain part represents excellent possibilities for active tourism and an extreme.

    Transport and bases of placing. the Most convenient area in the transport relation, attractive to automobile, bicycle, horse and foot tourism. But first of all, mass beach rest, resort treatment, and also lonely highly comfortable rest in the country houses which traditions are put still by owners of the Professorial corner both several merchants and generals develops. Large sanatoria work all-the-year-round and l echat diseases of respiratory organs of not tubercular character, cardiovascular and nervous system. And such health resorts as "-ั…ั‘ัั€" "ะœััŽั‘=ั–" "ะžั€ั‰ัŠั€" are perfectly equipped for kongressnogo tourism.

    Alushta โ€“ the main Olympic base Ukraine. A sports complex "ะ ัั€ะ=ั€ัŠ" possesses the unique constructions working all year long. Tens health resorts also have tennis courts and other sports constructions accepting Olympic teams and pupils of sport schools from Russia and other countries.

    The line for cross-country race is Unique, and the line for extreme downhill racing on mountain bicycles is recognised the best in the CIS.

    Last years building of large improving complexes of level **** and ***** is actively invested. In Alushte it "-ะโ„–ัŒั‘ัŠัˆั… ั‡ัŽะัˆ" "ยฆัŽะั…" "-ะโ„–ัŒั‘ัŠั€ย  ั€ัˆั‚ั–ั…ะั€" and "ยฆัˆัั„ั€ั‹ั–ัั€ย  ั€ัŽะั€" with unique an aquapark . Large complexes ellingov with garages for cars and plavsredstv below and comfortable apartments in 3-5 floors above are created some. On the West from Alushty it "ะ›=ั…ั‘" villages more low Pushkino, and on 3 km to the east "-ัŽั‹ัั€" "-ั…ั‹ั–ยถัˆั" and already on border with Sudaksky area โ€“ new small town ellingov on the spacious and not mastered beach of Privetnogo. More than 80 health resorts, some tens time bases of rest, recreation camps of students and schoolboys, and also hundreds private minihotels In total are, many of which have pools, including with the warmed-up sea water.

    On the east, in resort villages Solnechnogorsky , Malorechensky , Fishing, Privetnoe from Simferopol and Alushty go trip buses and fixed-route taxis. In process of removal from Alushty of the price fall, and it is less than people. All these villages settle down in spacious valleys where there is a place both to large health resorts and private boarding houses, a lot of rural habitation and Soviet pjatietazhek.

    Around cape Sotera (between Alushtoj and Solnechnogorsky) valleys very narrow and lonely that has appeared simply ideal for student's camps (MAI, MEI) and summer educational programs, for example, well-known international English club ., but much more expensive rest in the Kanaksky beam to the West from Privetnogo will be so lonely.

    Between Alushtoj and Yalta very often there are trip trolley buses, and also buses, minibuses, a taxi so it is a lot of people, and the prices are high. azure, Karabah, Rock, Karasan and Partenit represent high-grade Juzhnoberezhe with a unique climate, evergreen ancient parks and the general atmosphere of the educated Russian grandness. In Partenit from Simferopol through Alushtu there are trip buses and fixed-route taxis, and also buses partenitskih health resorts.

    Beaches and parks almost everywhere represent indissoluble unity so many having a rest settle down on a grass in a shade of majestic Lebanese cedars or other giants, sating the lungs also fitontsidami.

    In Alushte it is good (soft grey sand) only the city beach, at once from which goes ancient Seaside park. But, of course, in July and August it is strongly overloaded, and some transparent water there to expect difficultly.

    The Professorial corner - sanatorium area with a huge artificial beach and the longest in Crimea (7 km) concrete quay. Beaches here are very good the small flat gravel which gives soft enough surface and at the same time, unlike sand, does not leave in water some any dregs. With small breaks concrete quays and artificial beaches proceed to the cape Plaka (Rock) on which other party the huge concrete quay and nasypany beaches also is constructed. Ancient parks Kastel, Karabah, Rock and Karasan thanks to natural evergreen thickets merge in one magnificent necklace.

    In the centre to the Partenitsky bay the rocky cape Bear cub (Kuchuk-Aju) was sheltered, it only is developed a back to the sea. Beaches in a bay melkogravijnye. At once from them parks of health resorts, rather young, very rich ekzotami and interesting by a figured hairstyle of plants begin. They are created by employees of the Nikitsky botanical garden, here there is one of its branches and powerful nursery.

    Parks naturally pass in rich green furniture of Bear-mountain where grows more than semithousand kinds of the higher plants, besides, along walking tracks (one of them is called as a track Raevsky) many ornamental plants are landed.

    On the east from a city there is a long train of beaches of health resorts, to get on them it is possible only under admissions. Beaches artificial from gravel and a pebble, but with natural adjournment of small grey sand.

    Beaches for naturistov: to the east from Alushty - after all beaches of health resorts, without reaching East ellingov; in the west is some cells of beaches of not completed boarding house in Azure.

    Beaches of villages more low Solnechnogorsky, Malorechensky, Fishing, Privetnoe huge and natural from grey sand with small gravel. But at once over beaches there is a highway and only in several large coastal health resorts quite good parks are created.

    Excursions and productive leisure. In Alushte it is possible to visit Museum of local lore, House museums of writer Sergeeva-Tsenskogo, writer I.S.Shmelev and architect A.N. Beketov.

    An architecture Monument is a temple in a name All Crimean Sacred and the St. great martyr Feodora Stratilata , towering on a city hill (40th years ะฅ1ะฅ centuries, the architect G.Torichelli).

    Were a summer residence "+ัŽั‹ั•ััŠั€" (retired imperial general Golubova) , a building of city library - Lenin's street, 20. In the autumn of 1894 here have met the successor of an imperial throne of Russia Nikolay P and its bride Alissa Giessen-Darmshtadtskaja which from here have gone in Livadiju, to emperor Alexander P to receive its blessing on marriage. After fifty years in this building Joseph Stalin stopped on short-term rest on the way to Yalta on Crimean conference.

    The Most considerable contribution to development of pre-revolutionary Alushty the merchant has brought Nikolay Dmitrievich Staheev . On its means the local theatre and Quay has been constructed. Firm "ะ‚. K.Staheev and ั‘โ„–ััŽั‚ั–ย " grain trade with England, France, Germany and Holland. In Alushte its uncle stayed with N.Staheeva - the well-known artist I.I.Shishkin, and also cousin Dmitry Staheev - the writer-romanticist in due time very popular.

    The Country house with remarkable park has been constructed by a merchant under the project of the well-known Yalta architect of the academician of P.Krasnov in the end of a XIX-th century. Belongs now to the Alushtinsky centre of children's creativity. The most popular tree of Alushty is the huge sprawling plane tree (a plane tree east) in park at the sea.

    The Alushtinsky mountain amphitheatre - the most beautiful and extensive in Crimea. Mountain walks and campaigns from Alushty make on horses top or in crews, on jeeps, on mountain bicycles and on foot. This ascension on the western top Chatyrdaga , Tents-mountains, - peak the Eklizi-breaker, Church cape (1525). All Crimean peninsula From here opens. To the West from a valley beechen and pine woods the Crimean reserve (a nature Museum, dendrozoopark and management there are near to a city, ph. 5 04 43) are stretched. Orthodox involves a monastery of Kosmy and Damiana with a curative source of the Savluh-sou. Through reserve territory it is possible to make an ascension and on the highest point of Crimea mountain the Novel-kosh (1545) on Babugan-jajle, the special permission only is necessary to issue.

    Demerdzhi (the Smith, the Turki.) - the hills in height of 1240 m, are combined from a pebble and the boulders of the ancient river pressed and stsementirovannyh in conglomerates, and then vzdyblennyh on height. Slowly collapsing, they turn to freakish sculptures most powerful of which name Catherine II Head which, however, here never was.

    And so-called the Kutuzovsky fountain is connected by that per 1774 Turks have landed a landing about Alushty and villages Noise (Top Kutuzovka) and Demerdzhi (Radiant) have become stronger near. Next day they were attacked by Russian armies. The 29-year-old lieutenant colonel ordering a battalion M.I.Kutuzov was seriously injured in a head and by miracle has not lost eyes. On a legend he is obliged by healing to a mountain stream where grenadiers washed out to it a wound.

    From a trolleybus line to mountain Demerdzhi bottom on the east the asphalt road to village Radiant which has turned now to large base of horse tourism leaves. Tracks conduct to ruins of a medieval fortress Funa and to aeration figures on a slope of the Southern Demerdzhi, forming well-known the Valley of Ghosts and further on top of Jajly and by a picturesque glade of Dzhurla to falls Dzhur-Dzhur .

    In area with. semidvore there is a reserved grove of a treelike juniper. In 1893 in balochke remains of a mammoth are nearby found out. Above highway in 1,5 km upwards on small river Alaka (Satera) rise stone mushrooms . Because of different density of breed, multiton "ยฐั‹ย ััŠัˆ" are kept over the earth on rather thin "ััŽั†ัŠั€ยง". Rare fresh-water crabs live In crystal-clear water of small river โ€“ glacial age relicts, and water rolling down on rocks, forms numerous falls.

    On cape Satera there is an extensive territory of astrophysical range with a huge openwork plate a radio telescope .

    Between villages Solnechnogorsky and Malorechensky the attention rocky chaos draws of Tuzluh (Saltcellar) with a grotto and islets before it. And all rocks as if are corroded by round cells.

    On local coast it is possible to walk long on foot, but on cape between Malorechensky and Fishing the rocky chaos is almost impassable and covers well-known the Love bay with remarkably transparent water for diving.

    To the east of Fishing in coastal breakage volcanic breeds are bared. From the sea the track rises above to to the Kanaksky beam with a reserved grove from a treelike juniper and skipidarnogo a tree. In Kanake the big modern boarding house is constructed.

    In area Privetnogo it is possible to rise on mountain the Choban-sack that the Shepherd's tower means. Assume that here in XV century there was a lock of the Genoa feudal lords of brothers di Guasko known for the ferocity and unrestrained cruelty.

    From mountain on the north the road on leaves with. Zelenogore, located in 8 km above on the river of Arpat. To the north of this village is picturesque natural boundary Panagija with the cascade of small falls. Through small lake steel cables so it is possible to be forwarded on an armchair are tense or to jump in lake with "=ั€ะั‡ั€ััŠัˆ". The attention is involved also with rich country houses of judges of local mountain beauty and a soft climate.

    Now again we will return to Alushte for short sightseeing tour on the West from it. The first that always attracts attention - remarkable dome-shaped mountain Kastel , an unfortunate volcano. Above the rests of ancient strengthening are found out, tell and about a secret subway to the sea. Anyway, at its bottom in natural boundary the Cane-breaker (Azure) among the rocky chaos covered with fantastic ivy wood, traces of the destroyed karstic cave are found out.

    Villages above Grape conduct foot and horse routes to to Mountain lake at bottom of the mountain Paragilmen known for the rocky lines, and also curative plants. Further the track goes on the highest point of Crimea โ€“ the Novel-kosh.

    Children's camp "-ั€ั‘=ั…ั‹ั–" in a valley of a stream to the west of mountain it is good the park and numerous sculptures. In the summer creative collectives here stay - so almost every evening it is possible to get on their performances.

    The Spacious quay passes in camp site territory " Karabah " with ancient park plantings. They are connected with a name of academician P.I.Keppena which is buried on one of hills. It was one of founders of the Russian geographical society.

    Kuchuk-Lambatsky stone chaos - huge blocks on which it is pleasant to sunbathe, proceed in the sea rocks-islets. These are Golubovsky stones, or the Bird's islands. To near from them which Soldier's Bread is called, the concrete pier is laid. And directly at the sea some numbers of many-storeyed private hotels with garages and ellingami are restricted. On one of expensive hotels a place it name "ะ ั€ั=ั€-โ€ฆั€ะัั€ะั€" though officially it โ€“ ellingi "ะ›=ั…ั‘".

    Cape Plaka , or simply Rock , as well as much in Crimea, is a riddle for the standard geology. It is combined by magmatic breeds, but in them black wedges of clay slates are clearly looked through also. However, for mass public it is simply remarkable specific point with a magnificent view on Bear-mountain. Bright buro-red colours and difficult treshchinovataja cape structure perfectly contrast with an azure of the sea and dark greens of cypresses. Local parks are declared by a monument of landscape gardening art H I H centuries. The Karasansky park is put in 30th years of a XIX-th century by Nikolay Raevskim Jr., friend A.S.Pushkin. Park "ะ›=ั…ั‘ั€" - in 1812 Taurian governor A.M.Borozdinym.

    Two interesting monuments of architecture have remained from former owners: the former palace of princes of Gagarinyh, built in 80th years ะฅ1ะฅ centuries (nowadays a sanatorium office building "ะ›=ั…ั‘"), and the former house of princes Raevsky (sanatorium "-ั€ะั€ั‘ั€ั"), constructed in 1907.

    The Bear-mountain Aju-dag Name, on one of versions, it is necessary to translate from Greek Ah (Sacred). Really, since ancient times it served as a cult place. From a bloody cult of the goddess of Tauris of the Maiden (Partenos, in a Greek way) also occurs the settlement name Partenit . It has entered Into a world history of Christianity as the native land sacred John Gotskogo . At the time of Great resettlement of the people from coast of Baltic goty has moved on the south, interfering in the Roman provinces. The gothic sanctuary III - is revealed IV centuries to the north from settlement on a grief Aligor. In due course goty have accepted Christianity. In 787 year archbishop John Gotsky on VII Universal cathedral in Nikee has supported ikonopochitatelej, and having returned to Crimea has headed revolt against hazar. Hallows sacred are buried in the monastery based by it which ruins can be seen in territory of present sanatorium "-ะโ„–ัŒ".

    In territory of the same sanatorium is remarkable a delphinarium , during a summer season the exhibition nature Wonders works , in the evenings it is quite good to spend time at a tsveto-musical fountain "ยคะัŽัŒั…=ั…ั‰".

    Tastings and souvenirs . In territory of Big Alushty the firm shops and tasting rooms have the state farms entering into association "ยฆั€ั‘ั‘ั€ัั„ะั€". It "ะšั€ั‚ะัˆั„ั€" (points of flood of wines in with. Pushkino and on road service station Alushty), "+ั‹ั•ยฐ=ั€" (set of points of flood and shops in a city, a hall on winery), "ยฆั€ั‹ัŽะั…ั‘ั…ัั‘ัŠัˆั‰" (a tasting room in Solnechnogorsky) and "ยคะัˆั‚ั…=ัั…ัั‘ัŠัˆั‰". They are famous for the vineyards where grow up Chaush, Shabash, Shasla, Tajfi pink and other fine table grades of grapes. Technical grades of grapes go for manufacturing more than 20 kinds of the glorified Crimean muscats, ports, a sherry and madery.

    Certainly, it is necessary to try the fault, which steels cut-aways of the places: Table red Alushta, Marsala Malorechensky, Kagor Partenit. ATTENTION: "ยฆั€ั‘ั‘ั€ัั„ะั€" trades in small amounts in the wines on flood, but only in the points belonging to state farms-factories and only in specially equipped firm shops. In a rating and on street or market trays trade only in synthetic drinks on the basis of syrups. The choice of souvenirs in Alushte and other resorts is huge, but with rare exception, it is a certain universal kitsch from the Vietnamese corals to Ural belochek. In Alushte essence and preparations on their basis โ€“ the modern assortment is made for the improving and cosmetic purposes. From fruit Big Alushta is famous for the sweet cherry and pears. Separate villages (Zaprudnoe, the Small Beacon, Pushkino) manage to grow up sladchajshy the red flat onions widely known as the Yalta onions . The small Beacon is well-known for the best in Crimea a strawberry. In all villages to the West from Alushty and in the city perfectly grows ripe two, and sometimes and three crops of a mulberry, a fig, and also a walnut, a persimmon and a pomegranate. To care of these trees do not apply some fertilizer, strictly speaking, it is absolutely not accepted to look after them, so their ecological value far surpasses Turkish fruits. A pleasant and beautiful souvenir are mixes skilfully laid out in jars from honey and nuts or inzhirnogo jam and nuts. From souvenirs which can be collected independently on a beach, it is possible to note a bluish magmatic pebble with proveins of crystals of rock crystal, a reddish pebble from a jasper. Local men during winter storm with special small nets on fishing-rods hunt for the gold ornaments broken by summer storm with having a rest. However, and usual fishing on a jack mackerel or a mullet with coastal concrete bun or from a boat in the sea quite will give pleasure.

    Igor Rusanov

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