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    Crimea - LOVE peninsula. Culture, art, celebrities

    The Motley mix of national cultures penetrates an everyday life, and the historical heritage and architecture as if are collected for a grandiose museum exposition. And as anywhere in the world, rocks and grottoes, palaces and parks, fountains and arbours, sculptures and pictures, verses and music conceal in themselves love, passion, delusion, secret …

    Antiquity has left to us set of legends and the myths which have been written down by Ancient Greek scientists and poets. Gerakl in search of the gone bulls has converged with local zmeenogoj the goddess and from their younger son the tribe of Scythians has gone. Geraklejsky peninsula – a part of the earths of Sevastopol. The well-known image of having a rest Gerakla is found in Evpatoria.

    The Hero of Trojan war Ahill was born on coast of Kerch strait, and after death is transferred to the east of Tarhankuta where in the sea there was a plait Ahillov Drom (run) and island Ahilla. One more character of the Homere – a priestess Ifigenija has been transferred to Taurida and should sacrifice to the goddess of local pirates of two captives one of which was its brother. This history has ended with successful homecoming, having left Crimea only rocks of Orest and Pilad in the sea at cape Fiolent and a rock of Ifigenija at Forosa.

    It is possible for itself to present Bloody ceremonies of Tauris in the cave sanctuaries one of which rather eloquently is called Bin-bash-koba – the Cave of Thousand skulls. Fallichesky outlines of natural altars – the most powerful stalagmites – speak about tantricheskom character of ceremonies and simple human desire to receive more issue from cattle. With the goddess the Maiden connects cape Parfeny at Sevastopol, by Partenit at Alushty and set of other places.

    As to Scythians the love story (the history of mass change is more exact), connected with them, allows to tell that Crimea the native land of policemen . Scythians the first in world history have seized a secret of mass production of the iron weapon. Their short swords akinaki plunged into a panic of Egyptians and Israelis, Persians and impudent persons. On an Ancient Greek legend, 28 years Scythians dominated in Asia, and in this time their wives have converged with slaves and have given birth to set of children. All these guards, having learnt about returning of Scythians, has rendered them the armed repulse by the same akinakami. Then one Scythian, having reminded everything that it only slaves, has gone on them, loudly clapping a whip. Slaves and their posterity have run up, and Scythians began to be improved since then in application of a whip against enemies.

    For their this ability the Greek policies also bought Scythians as state (that is polisnyh, policemen) slaves. A life and the rights of such slave were are close to present military mercenaries more likely. Against free citizens it was impossible to apply the weapon, well and to lash a whip for too democratic statements on agore – quite.

    the Christian era was marked by miracles and feats for the sake of love to the Christ. They have begun with sacred Klimenta , the first bishop of Rome imposed still by sacred Peter. In Chersonese Taurian then Roman colony, it has accepted martyr death. sacred John Gotsky , native Partenita, has become famous for that in 787 year on VII Universal cathedral in Nikee has supported ikonopochitatelej, and having returned to Crimea, has headed revolt against hazar. Sacred prince Kiev Vladimir has accepted a christening in Chersonese, and then christened Russia in 988 year. The reference novgorodtsev and their prince Bravlina has occurred slightly earlier, thanking to sacred Stefanu Surozhsky. Still set of legends rocks store, grottoes and springs, and often same relics esteem both Christians, and Moslems of Crimea.

    The archbishop Simferopol and Crimean, in days of Stalin's board kept fidelity to Orthodoxy, and after death shown doubtless miracles in many countries is recently canonised sacred Onions .

    Times the Crimean khanate were impetuous and boundless not only in fights, treasures, feasts and the refined pleasures. The dynasty Geraev (Gireev) patronised sciences and arts and differed in the offsprings various talents. The dynasty founder was brought up by Hadzhi Geraj at court of the Grand duke of Lithuanian Vitovta. For struggle for independence of Golden Horde leant against multinational culture of Crimea in the union with communities karaimov, genueskimi colonies and Christian Gotiej (the Mangupsky princedom). In the middle of 15 centuries it has transferred capital in Kyrk-Er (Chufut-kale), having begun original krymsko-Tatar culture. Urging the citizens to accept Islam, it, as well as all its followers, patronised the Uspensky orthodox cave monastery. Has deserved in the people a nickname "¦хыхъ" (Angela) also has put strong bases to traditions of toleration.

    The Khan Gaza II Geraj (1551-1607) has become famous not only military victories, but also calligraphy art, game on a saaz and pieces of music, poems "рючр and Рюыютхщ" "-ю¶х and -шэю" graceful poetic miniatures – bejtami and gazeljami. Has received a nickname "…юЁр" (Storm) for uncontrollable temper and ardency.

    Set of lyrical products the khan has created also Bahadyr of I Geraj (1602-1641), it has entered into history of a policy the the priest y tkami to reconcile Moskovia and Turkey.

    The Khan Mehmed of IV Geraj (1610-1674) was on friendly terms with Poland and supported Zaporozhye kozakov in their struggle for clearing of Ukraine of Moskovia. It is nicknamed "Рю¶ѕ" (wise) for philosophical poems, a construction of schools and baths, support of scientists.

    The khan for Isljam of III Geraj (1604-1654), ally Bogdana Khmelnitskiy in its struggle for independence Ukrain y from Poland has become famous For the charity, building of fountains and baths.

    The Most well-known in the history of culture was and there is a khan to Kyrym Geraj (1717-1769), the style founder “ the Crimean rococo ”, the admirer and the expert on all French. But created on his order “the Fountain of Tears” and Djurbe Diljare Bikech of a steel world famous only thanks to talent Alexander Pushkin .

    In general, from destruction hansky the palace at Stalin deportation was rescued by two - the great son of the Ethiopian people and Russian aristocracy A.S.Pushkin who has visited in Crimea in 1820, and the great German the empress of Russia Catherine II , staying in the Bakhchsarai palace in 1787 during the most expensive round of all times and the people.

    As a matter of fact, the epoch of the European culture, the European celebrities and stars begins with Catherine the Great and its great lovers in Crimea. And from Mark Twain to them have increased also American, with Pablo Nerudoj – Latin American.

    Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus classics in Crimea found health for a body and open space for spirit. And it is final, love which in Crimea each stone and each wave breathes.

    And a wave behind a wave in concert halls, the entertaining centres and night clubs of our resorts roll all stars our days.

    Igor Rusanov

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