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    sanatorium ' Dnepr ', Yalta, Crimea

    Sanatorium "Dnepr" ("Haraks" till 1955) the specialised health resort for rehabilitation of patients with diseases of cardiovascular system, easy and top respiratory ways, a gastroenteric path and urinogenital system has the accreditation highest category; functional diseases of nervous system and the oporno-impellent device.

    History: it is based in 1922 in the former manor of Grand duke Romanov George Mihailovicha "Haraks" named in honour of an ancient Roman fortress of "Harakc" (1-3 century of century AD) on m. Ah-todor.

    the Site: it is located in 10 km, from Yalta on the western spur of cape Ah-todor (Mishor, JUBK) near to lock "Swallow's nest".

    the Climate: srednezemnomorsky, nizkogornyj, coastal and wood; on the medical properties it is similar to a climate of the French and Italian Riviera (Nice, Cannes, San Remo); mid-annual temperature of air - +13 degrees, the maximum temperature in the summer - +23 - + 27 degrees. - humidity of air moderated, winter of 75-85%, summer of 60-65%, deposits - 500-700 mm a year, (mainly during the cold period of year); temperature of sea water: май+17 degrees, June +20, July +22, August +23-26, September +22, October +18 - + 20, November +12-17.

    sanatorium ` Dnepr `, Yalta, Crimea Park: Haraksky reserve dendropark, the area - more than 20,0 hectares height above sea level-40-60 m - a unique monument of the landscape gardening art, one of the best parks Krma and Ukraine. It is put simultaneously with construction of a manor of "Haraks" (arh. Krasnov N.P.) in the beginning XX in. Looks like natural wood and a regular landscape. Totals more than 270 kinds of garden forms and plants from all continents of a planet. Blossom in the winter: mushmula Japanese, zemljanichnik melkoplodnyj, paslen, the honeysuckle, a guelder-rose evergreen, etc. Is characterised by an abundance raznoooraznyh fitontsidov within all year.

    Diagnostic base: kliniko-biochemical, immunologicheskaja laboratories, an office of functional diagnostics, a X-ray and ultrasonic offices (research ZHKT, Ministry of Railways, mammary glands, a thyroid gland), ultrasonic doplerografija vessels, etc. Equipment the newest equipment, computers.

    The Balneary on 20 baths (baths on sea and fresh water, gas, oxygen, carbonic, pearl; irritating - skipidarnye, bishefitnye; aromatic - coniferous, lavandovye, a wormwood lemon, sagy, prjanoaromaticheskie, etc.; baths of underwater massage, contrast, vortical, swimming pool with sea water, grjazelechebnoe branch (sakskaja a medical dirt).

    In 2001г. It is opened bjuvet mineral waters (morshanskaja ¦ 1, ¦ 6, novozbruchanskaja on type "Naftusi". Crimean a Savlah-sou).

    Ingaljatory, the physiatrist icheskoe branch, the laser centre, galakamera, girudoterapija, offices - stomatologic, parandotologichesky, an ultrasonic and laser irradiation of blood, vibromassazh easy, intestinal washings and orosheny, massage, medical cocktails, tea, tinctures, etc. Saunas, a medical beach, boat station.

    Sports base: 2 sports halls, a hall mehanotrenazherov, 2 tennis courts, volleyball, badmintonnaja platforms; a water ski, boats, boats, surfing, hydromotorcycles; 3 routes terrenkura.

    the Personnel: highly skilled experts: therapists, the cardiologist, gastroenterolog, the urologist, the lung specialist, the neuropathologist, the pediatrist, the stomatologist, doctors of nonconventional methods of treatment and diagnostics - the Chi kung, READ, instructors LFK, sanolog.

    Club group: a film concert hall on 420 places, library with book fund in 25 thousand units, an istoriko-archaeological museum, a dance hall, a billiard room, cafes-bars; for fans of productive leisure - the extensive entertaining program: "near tourism", excursions, sea walks, fishing.

    Placing: 1-seater, 2-seater numbers, 2-3 room lux, cottages.

    a Food: five-single - rational and medical on diets 5, 7, 8, 9,10,11, 15; the separate menu and restaurant.

    Duration of rest: short-term rest - 3-7-9 days, rest with treatment 12-18-24 days.

    To services having a rest: a hairdressing salon, a cosmetology office, linen washing, motor transport.

    the Address: 98662 Ukraine, Crimea, Yalta, п/оГаспра-2, street Alupkinsky highway, 13.

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