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    weather in Crimea


    sanatorium ' Yalta ', Yalta, Crimea

    Yalta, by right name "the Pearl of Crimea". Thanks to a soft climate, an abundance of vegetation, security a ridge of Crimean mountains from cold norths, and also to unique monuments of architecture and history the city-resort became one of favourite vacation spots of tourists.

    In the centre of this resort paradise the Central military sanatorium "Yalta" is located. Its territory was stretched more than on 24 hectares, in ancient park of the former manor of count Mordvinova N.S.

    sanatorium Specialization: diseases of system of blood circulation, nervous system of disease of respiratory organs of not tubercular character, stomach and metabolism disease, chronic inflammatory diseases of kidneys with initial infringements of functions.

    Placing: two and three local numbers with all conveniences (a shower, a toilet, a washstand), in all numbers a refrigerator, the TV-hire, a loggia. A food: 3 the single, custom-made menu, service by waiters. Water supply: cold water constantly, hot moves under the schedule some times in day.

    At your service: cafe, a sauna, library, billiard, tennis courts, an exercise room, a dance pavilion, a cinema hall, a beauty shop, protected parking place.

    sanatorium ` Yalta `, Yalta, Crimea the Beach: own arranged well galechnyj a beach, 3 jarusnyj. In beach territory: cafe, a sauna, an office of the doctor of the cosmetician. The beach is located near to hotel "Yalta" beach 20 minutes of walking from sanatorium, but interested persons use sanatorium bus plying between a beach and sanatorium.

    Rules of settlement having a rest:

    • the Checkout time - 8.00 (departure till 8.00 without a breakfast).
    • At settlement it is necessary to have the passport, a sanatorium card and the permit or the voucher of sending firm on hands. On the child: the birth certificate, the inquiry about epidokruzhenii. To address to the manager.
    • Days of preschedule departure and delay are not compensated. A food is not transferred.

    The Schedule of arrivals in May, in first half of June and in September - can be free, as agreed.

    the Note:

    • the Discount for the children's permit from 3 till 14 years makes 30% from cost of the adult permit, thus children take places on an additional berth.

    the Name:
    Military sanatorium of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine
    the Address:
    Republic of Crimea, Yalta, street Sverdlova, 32
    a treatment Profile:
    Disease of respiratory organs
    Disease of bodies of blood circulation
    Inflammatory processes of kidneys
    Disease of respiratory organs of not tubercular character
    Disease of digestive organs
    Disease endokrinnoj and nervous system (neurosises, a neurasthenia)
    Consequences of craniocereberal traumas
    Obshcheterapevtichesky profile of treatment
    Disease of bodies of urinogenital system
    Illnesses of the oporno-impellent device
    Gynecologic illnesses
    Treatment by a dirt
    Serdechnososudistye illnesses
    Chronic diseases of a nasopharynx
    Rehabilitation from unsuccessful areas of ecological influence
    Allergy treatment
    Medical services:
    a massage Office, electrotreatment, ingaljatory, balneotherapy, physiotherapy exercises hall, a hydromassage office, acupuncture, herbal medicine, speleokabinet, physiotherapy, mud cure, laser therapy, adiposity treatment, clinical, biochemical and imunnologicheskie researches, the cardiologist.
    a Food:
    The custom-made menu
    In a dining room
    Rasctojanie to the sea:
    the Infrastructure:
    the Cinema, a bar, an athletic field, billiards, hire of TVs, hire of the refrigerators, the equipped beach, shop, a hairdressing salon, fiziokabinet, a tooth office, an exercise room, a sauna, a left-luggage office, library, sea walks on the yacht, hire of water skis, sledge, surfing, park, courts, a dance pavilion, a first-aid post, excursion bureau, the international call box, parking place, a computer hall.
    a work Season:
    All year long
    stay Time:
    12 days
    21 day
    24 days
    2-mestn. Number
    3-mestn. Number
    4-mestn. Number
    2-mestn. Number chast.ud.
    3-mestn. Number chast.ud.
    4-mestn. Number chast.ud.
    2-mestn. Lux
    In number:
    the Shower, a washstand, a toilet, the TV, a refrigerator, phone, a radio receiving station.
    Discounts for children:

    the Address: Yalta, street Sverdlova, 32

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