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    sanatorium ' Taurida ', Evpatoria, Crimea

    sanatorium ` Taurida `, Evpatoria, Crimea

    For treatment of children of teenage age. Accepts parents with children in the summer.

    Evpatoria - the most popular children's resort in Crimea. It is no vain to it the rank of the Vseukrainsky children's health resort is appropriated. The beat of the sea, a hot gold dust render beneficial influence on a human body. As Evpatoria is known for the mud baths of "Mojnaki", and mineral water which render beneficial influence on digestive organs.

    In some removal from the centre of Evpatoria, in the park zone occupying three hectares, sanatorium "Taurida" is located.

    sanatorium Specialization: diseases of bodies of a support and movement: revmatoidnyj and a rheumatic arthritis, polyarthritises of a various aetiology, a youthful osteochondrosis of a backbone, skolioticheskaja illness, bearing infringement, congenital dislocations of a coxofemoral joint, an osteomyelitis. Diseases of the top respiratory ways, teenage gynecology. Treatment of diseases of a skin, cardiovascular system, a growth inhibition, adiposity is possible.

    Placing: the stationary two-storeyed case with 2, 3, 4 and 5 local chambers. All conveniences on a floor.

    Medical base of sanatorium: a physiotherapeutic office, ingaljatory, offices of massage, physiotherapy exercises, an office of children's gynecology, a stomatologic office, balneogrjazelechenie, including the pool is released in obshchekurortnyh clinics.

    On the basis of sanatorium the Institute of children's balneology and physiotherapy of Ukraine works.

    a Food: 5 single, in a sanatorium dining room.

    Water supply: cold water constantly, hot moves under the schedule.

    At your service: a cinema hall, discos, a summer sports complex, library. Entertaining evenings, competitions are spent, excursions are organised. In school hours advisory lessons in the basic subjects are conducted.

    the Beach: own closed sandy beach, is equipped by a shadow zone. Rastojanie to a beach of 500 metres. The road passes on park.

    Rules of settlement having a rest:

    • the Checkout time - 8.00.
    • At settlement it is necessary to have the passport, a sanatorium card, the permit or the voucher of sending firm on hands. On children the birth certificate, the inquiry about epidokruzhenii, the inquiry on inoculations it is deciphered.
    • Days of preschedule departure and delay are not compensated. A food is not transferred.

    The Schedule of arrivals in May, first half of June and September can be free, as agreed.

    the Note:

    • Children till 18 years are accepted at a discount 20% from cost of the adult permit, thus it gives the basic berth.

    the Address: Crimea, Evpatoria, Street of Kirov, 64, sanatorium "Taurida".

    a treatment Profile:
    Disease of bodies of blood circulation
    Gynecologic illnesses
    Treatment by a dirt
    Skin illnesses
    Chronic diseases of a nasopharynx
    Rehabilitation from unsuccessful areas of ecological influence
    Disease of LOR-BODIES

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