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    children's sanatorium ' Smaragdovyj ', Evpatoria, Crimea

    children's sanatorium ` Smaragdovyj `, Evpatoria, Crimea

    Sanatorium "Смарагдовый" - one of modern health resorts evpatorijskogo a resort. The sanatorium is intended for treatment of children at the age from 7 till 14 years with diseases LOR - bodies, respiratory ways, the oporno-impellent device, cardiovascular and nervous systems. The branch for treatment of parents with children (children are accepted in branch from 4 summer age) Here functions.

    Clinical and biochemical laboratories, physiotherapeutic offices, hall LFK, a massage office, water-mud cure branch, a stomatologic office, LOR - an office, an office of functional diagnostics. Treatment is spent to sanatoria in a complex according to the confirmed techniques taking into account organism specific features.

    Comfortable numbers. A five-single food.

    a treatment Profile:
    Disease of respiratory organs
    Disease of respiratory organs of not tubercular character
    Illnesses of the oporno-impellent device
    Treatment by a dirt
    Chronic diseases of a nasopharynx
    Rehabilitation from unsuccessful areas of ecological influence
    Medical services:
    a massage Office, electrotreatment, ingaljatory, balneotherapy, physiotherapy exercises hall, a hydromassage office, physiotherapy, mud cure, laser therapy, clinical, biochemical and imunnologicheskie researches, LOR, the orthopedist.
    a Food:
    In a dining room
    the Infrastructure:
    the Cinema, an athletic field, the equipped beach, fiziokabinet, a tooth office, a left-luggage office, library, park, a dance pavilion, parking place.
    a work Season:
    May - October
    stay Time:
    Any quantity of days
    1-mestn. A junior suite
    2-mestn. A junior suite
    3-mestn. A junior suite
    In number:
    the Shower, a washstand, a toilet, the TV, a refrigerator.

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