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    weather in Crimea


    Kerch peninsula, Crimea

    the Azov coast and cape Kazantip, Kerch and Kerch strait, Jakovenkovo and reserve Opuk

    One of the best areas for trailering โ€“ for short trips from Kerch or other settlements on the most different beaches of sea of Azov, Kerch strait or Black sea. "The velvet season" is not present, but there are unique mud lakes, first of all Chokrak, and also sources of mineral water.

    Transport and bases of placing. Transport lines only two (the highway and the railway), also go they in parallel along all Kerch peninsula from Feodosiya to Kerch and further through Port Crimea to Kuban, to Russia, passing through more and more or less large settlements. The railway passes more close to the Azov coast (to station Seven Kolodezej and Fresh-water) where in villages seasonal bases of rest and nurseries of camp of a Soviet period attain the age. Some large health resorts, and also set of private boarding houses in ShChelkino and Kerch differ high comfort. Unique medical possibilities are created in boarding house "-ะโ„–ัŒั‘ัŠัŽั… ยคะัˆั€ั‡ัŽั‚ั–ั…" (ShChelkino) and boarding house "ะ“ั€ะย " (with. Nizhne-overseas).

    Beaches free, beaches and parks of bases of rest are accessible and to strangers. Are good for small children, for family rest, are interesting to youth.

    The Azov coast from with. Kamenka to the cape Hroni dividing sea of Azov and Kerch strait, represents hundreds kilometres of a resort virgin soil. Vicinities of ShChelkino and are most mastered with. Mysovoe with the Tatar bay where it is possible to meet a dawn and Russian where the sun sits down directly in the sea is already a part of the Arabatsky gulf, the convenient beach is also at with. Semenovka.

    The Huge beach the Kazantipsky gulf, with the centre at with. Nizhne-overseas , it is achievable from station Fresh-water. Unusual for Crimea, but native pines for Baltic on dunes alternate landings of white "acacia" (with fragrant and edible, by the way, sweet clusters of colours).

    Further on the east go pour Chokraksky mud lake at village Resort (the former Mum Russian), a deserted bay of Reeves and a bay of Bulganak at village Jurkino. All these big beaches alternate, divided by steep sites with fantastic heaps grayish porous kerchenskogo limestone of which the sea and a wind do amazing sculptures; with opolznevymi circuses, dumetose and a cane; with "the pocket" beaches covered with scatterings of fresh bowls.

    Kerch and Kerch strait. In city centre of Kerch of a beach is not present, but it is possible to walk on pleasant quay. In area Arshintsevo there is a Karantinsky beach (a stop of bus "Institute" and downwards under breakage), narrow and overloaded with visitors, and in Vojkovo there are some small beaches. Near each of them there are day parkings.

    As tourists, and kerchane prefer a spacious golden beach to Eltigena where there are conditions and for creation of campings. From it to Tobechiksky lake it is almost possible to go all the day. The shoal bottom here, as well as on Azov, is interesting vdolberegovym by sandy shaft. It is so-called a bar . In the beginning quickly enough you enter into water on a belt or on a breast, then the bottom rises, and already knee-deep. Water in passage, especially in shallow bays with bars gets warm to 28 degrees, therefore here bathe long.

    After villages Treasured on the south good beaches and bowls of molluscs form of sand only rerashes of small salty lakes. And the exit to open spaces of Black sea delivers only art pleasure - here, at cape Takyl (quite suitable uncomfortable name) is not present either villages, or trees, either beaches, or safe descent to water.

    In a half an hour of driving from a city divergently many good and spacious beaches on rerashes, tongues of sand, and also small "pocket" beaches on opolznevyh slopes. Passage conditions are characterised on to village Osoviny : a swimming season for adults from May, 21st till October, 9th, for children from May, 30th till September, 14th. Cold "currents" does not happen, but half of days can be with storm (from them only one-two weeks in 4 points and above), in bays and under protection of plaits storm, of course, it is less. The sun on passage hardly more than in Yalta - 1790 hours from April till October, a climate steppe, autumn unpleasant with penetrating winds.

    the Black Sea coast of Kerch peninsula on a huge extent is not suitable for bathing. Only at village Jakovenkovo is the convenient bay, two lakes - Kojashsky and Uzunlarsky are separated from the sea by excellent sandy rerashes. There are bases of rest, campings and a private sector.

    Excursions and productive leisure. 26 centuries ago local the Bosporsky kingdom was, to antique measures, quite big and strong state. Its treasures are exposed now in the Hermitage and in the British museum. But in Kerch and its district for display to tourists it is equipped not so much: a small exposition of the Imperial barrow, a crypt of Ancient Greek goddess Demetry with unique frescos, a part of excavation on a grief Mitridat where there was a capital - Panticapaeum , excavation of the subordinated cities of Tiritaka. Nimfej, Ilurat. Small the museum of local lore gives representation about stories of this edge.

    But church in city centre in an excellent condition, and after all John Predtechi's temple is constructed in VIII century, it one of the most ancient in the Eastern Europe.

    Krepost Eni-Kale (the New fortress) is erected by Turks on the bank of Kerch strait, in its narrowest place. Fortress building went long enough and has been finished only in 1703. The French engineers supervised over it. Recently for tourists one more is opened - the Kerchensky fortress .

    The Museum of history of defence of Adzhimushkajsky stone quarries, the Art gallery, the Museum of history of the Eltigensky landing acquaint With drama pages of history of the Great Patriotic War.

    Thanks to huge ranges voensovhoza "East" on cape Opuk (now reserve) have remained protogenic steppes and a unique colony of a pink starling, anywhere in the world any more not meeting.

    The Cape in the extreme south of Kerch peninsula is interesting to Chauda by an exposure ancient oyster banks. And further to Feodosiya there is Buhta Kosmontavtov where in a Soviet period landers were tested. Entrance to this zone only under admissions, road very bad. Hunting under licences for grounds Chaudinsky ohothozjajstva Lenin area is possible also .

    In the north from Kerch in area with. Bondarenkovo there is a field mud volcanoes : from cracks in terrestrial bowels not magma, and the blue-green clay forming low hills with craters or lake of a liquid dirt here is thrown out.

    From Kerch on a highway it is possible to pass also to with. Osoviny and with. JUrkino - here interesting opolznevyj with original vegetation, and from cape Hroni it is easy to capture a relief of coast a sight and sea of Azov and Kerch strait.

    on cape Kazantip after revelry of large-panel building and chaos of a country self-system in ShChelkino simply bewitches Reserve and is ideal for walks on a mountain bicycle (the permission it is necessary to take in reserve management in settlement). Thanks to a fresh water total absence this ancient coral atoll remained untouched a civilisation. Only last years here there were oil wells which, however, are romantic enough and remind of the Texas westerns (it knowingly, as the company, really, with the Texas participation).

    From village Kamensk on the north the Arabatsky arrow , 110 km of the shelly gold dust washed by the warm and small sea on the one hand and by Sivash with another leaves huge . Here almost present desert, but in our overloaded and whether is the overpopulated century advantage? The rests are interesting to a Turkish fortress of Arabat at its basis and Akmonajsky stone quarries โ€“ here hold competitions on underground orientation, and salt-mines are hardly further. Recently the most popular object โ€“ an ostrich's farm already on northern, Kherson end of an arrow.

    From station Fresh-water on the south the rests of an ancient defensive shaft which is known as Uzunlarsky (it are clearly traced in a relief conducts to lake Uzunlar in the south of Kerch peninsula).

    Very curious place with. Resort ( Mum Russian ) with picturesque Chokraksky lake and an excellent sandy rerash. A vysokosulfidnye dirt and rapa lakes is since ancient times known for the curative properties . In days of the Great Patriotic War in lake the German plane has fallen, but pilot Joseph Boyes has survived (!) and subsequently became the known sculptor in Austria. Works from beer honey, wax and felt all life connected it with medicines which it left the local shepherd.

    Tastings and souvenirs . Sturgeons and bull-calves is famous for Kazantip . Kerch โ€“ the well-known fat herring which does not take some superfluous salt, and barabulkoj. Along Kerch strait on the south there is a highway on with. Treasured. At local fishermen fish is usually better and cheaper, than on kerchenskih the markets. Near to a rerash big lake Tobechik , nearly without reaching it, in coastal breakage it is bared ancient oyster bank - the whole layer from bowls dvuhstvornyh molluscs. Directly in breakage of Kerch strait prolayers iron ore are quite often bared, and the beach pebble reminds rusty zhelezjaki among which the bowls of ancient molluscs replaced with iron with wonderful dark blue crystals kerchenita come across. There are also exits of slippery clay. It blue clay - kil, or on turetski sapun (soap), earlier to it washed a wool, and now use for a rejuvenation of a skin and hair.

    Igor Rusanov

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