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    weather in Crimea


    Feodosiya and East Foothills, Crimea

    Feodosiya, the Gold beach, Coastal, Seaside, Karadag and the Fox bay, Koktebel (Planersky) and the Silent bay, Ordzhonikidze, ShChebetovka, Old Crimea

    Low ridges bezlesny also are burnt by the sun, but their outlines so are beautiful and changeable that have become history of world art culture under a name of Kimmerija.

    Transport and bases of placing. To Feodosiya by rail get through Jankoi, and on highway also through Simferopol. From a city it is possible to get to Koktebel and other settlements by buses and minibuses.

    In Koktebel there are some comfortable boarding houses, it is a lot of campings and wild tent small towns. There is a small town ellingov. In other settlements closed earlier: Ordzhonikidze, Coastal and Seaside - only begins kurotnoe development and, basically, private boarding houses and campings.

    The Feodosijsky resort is known for mineral water and a dirt. Treat here diseases of a gastroenteric path, nervous system, blood circulation bodies, chronic illnesses of kidneys, bilious ways, a diabetes.

    For trailering and improving rest remarkable conditions on a huge Gold beach to the east from a city. Here there is a set of bases of rest, campings, private hotels and summer residences.

    On 117 km of highway Simferopol-Kerch in August, 2003 the beach โ€œClub 117โ€ , for today the best on service level, saturation by athletic fields, style of the equipment has opened. The beach free, parking place also free, but is not present a camping.

    Beaches . At Feodosiya the Main ridge of Crimean mountains absolutely comes to naught, the climate is deprived also a hint on subtropics, but 15 kilometres of a wide sandy beach from the ground bowls (in the country it free though is called as Gold ), a flat bottom, rare storm and steady solar weather - all it does a city by an excellent place of family rest.

    From borders of Sudaksky area, from cape Meganom there is the present coastal desert as which ornament the Fox (Bald) bay with really bright red breakages serves well-known . Further on the east a small bay with an excellent beach of boarding house "-ะโ„–ัŒั‘ัŠัŽั… ยคะัˆัŒัŽะั–ั…" absolutely small beach of the Karadagsky biological research station, stone miracles of an ancient volcano the Penalty-dag (bathing is possible on several small beaches in bays Predatory, Gravijnaja, Serdolikovaja, Frog where it is possible to get under reserve admissions).

    The Koktebelsky bay which beach once consisted almost entirely of a bright pebble is spacious enough. Now filled the artificial beach leaning against concrete quay.

    Behind cape the Chameleon is the Silent bay with an extensive sandy beach and the elementary camping (toilets, musorosborniki). After it on the east, towards Feodosiya, you get in confidential still about ten years ago a settlement Ordzhonikidze zone. On either side of cape Kiik-Atlama deeply pressing in the sea there are two big bays and some bays with peschano-gravijnymi beaches.

    Excursions and productive leisure. Feodosiya has exchanged for a long time 26th century, and its blossoming has had on the Middle Ages. In the street Galerejnoj are the Art gallery of I.K.Ayvazovsky and A.Green's museum, in the street Lenin - a mosque the Mufti-dzhami (1623) and the Armenian temple of Sergija (Sarkisa) - here takes places XV centuries meeting of stone plates - lapidary in which the Genoa, Armenian and Turkic monuments are exposed. In Seaside park Konstantin's tower adjoins to I.K.Ayvazovsky's fountain (it is constructed in 1888 under the project and on means of the great marine painter) (1382 - 1448) - one of many, remained in a city after the Genoa sovereignty. The basic kernel of the Genoa and Armenian monuments has remained in a southern part of a city, in so-called Quarantine . In 1990 the hand gliding Museum, and in 2003 โ€“ the Museum of Money is opened.

    Heart and soul Koktebel - the House of the Poet . Maksimilian Voloshin - the poet, the artist, the regional specialist, the archeologist-fan. Voloshin has transferred the manor to the Union of writers. So the creativity House "-ัŽัŠ=ั…ัั…ั‹ั–".

    was born

    Silent soaring over Blue Tops of bright paraplanes, gliders and hang-gliders as well as possible corresponds to spirit of ancient Kimmerii. the gliding Museum is on Klementyev's (Uzun-syrt) grief.

    Unforgettable impressions give also sea walks, especially to the Penalty-dagu . Names karadagskih rocks make the whole fairy tale: the King and the Queen stride to the Throne. One of volcano muzzles - the Devil's fireplace is turned to the sea and is encumbered by the hardened lava. The devil's finger threatens with a sharp multimeter claw to the sky, but the most known, of course, is the rock the Shaitan-kapu (Devil's gate), more known as Gold gate.

    The Core for Karadaga the centre is the settlement Kurotnoe . Here is management reserve , whence it is possible to make with the guide walk on an ecological track, and also a delphinarium building where representations are organised.

    Above the Fox bay on ridge slopes Echki-dag rise magnificent mountain woods, it is a lot of springs and there is a cascade of lakes. the cave the Ear of the Earth is popular among tourists. However the dirt road is very difficult.

    On cape Kiik-Atlama at the item of Ordzhonikidze the wind always blows: never there are no mosquitoes and is always remarkable for sailing! the Transparency of local water involved time and again here organizers of competitions on an underwater photo .

    The Small town Old Crimea (between Belogorsky and Feodosiya) - thanks to the position on border of steppe and mountain woods once was capital Crimean a yurta of the Gold horde. Now it enters into the Kirov area, without having kept anything from the terrible past. Only small house museum of writer-romanticist Alexander Green, yes ruins of several mosques. One bears a name ordynskogo the khan of the Uzbek, the founder of the Uzbek nation and is constructed on its means.

    On another in 1277 the sultan of Egypt has welcomed 2 000 dinars to Bejbars . It Came from half-sheep (kipchak), 9 summer boy it have sold on one of nevolnichih the peninsula markets. In Egypt it became the soldier-mamljukom, the faithful servant of Islam, and once comrades in arms have enthroned him. Sultan Bejbars corrected with 1260 for 1277, has become history that has stopped advancement of Mongols to the Near East.

    Tastings and souvenirs. Fans of natural red wines can recommend "โ€ฆั€ั‘=ั€ะั„ัŽ ะ =ั€ะัŽัŠะโ„–ัŒั‘ัŠัŽั…" from local vinomaterialov it maintains and spills Inkermansky factory. The huge assortment wines and cognacs has "-ัŽัŠ=ั…ัั…ั‹ั–".

    the Bright pebble , especially from Serdolikovoj of a bay of Karadaga, is actively taken away on souvenirs, and blue clay , remarkable cosmetic means as much is actively consumed on a place as the best effect gives with sea water and under solar beams.

    At Ayvazovsky's gallery in Feodosiya the wide choice of modern sea painting, well and Koktebel habitually surprises with every possible avant-guard and vagrant art in music and poetry, painting and costume jewellery.

    Igor Rusanov

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