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    Sudaksky area, Crimea

    the Pike perch and New light, Sea, Cheerful, Kopsel, Meganom, the Solar valley

    Special "ъшььхЁшщёъшщ яхщчрц" an abundance of nature sanctuaries and the history, fairly flavoured with excellent fruit and wines, and also the sated cultural life, fashionable entertainments and parties of nonconformists.

    Transport and bases of placing. to Get in the Pike perch it is possible from Simferopol on highway through Belogorsk and Grushevku, and from Feodosiya (where there is a railway station) - the sea or on highway. In a city there are some large health resorts with high enough level of comfort. For example, an improving complex "Рѕфръ" has swimming pool, excellent park and modern cases, and also all necessary for kongressnogo tourism. The private sector also attracts attention frank luxury.

    The Settlement New light is really small country with special landscapes, with the microclimate, on what not similar vegetation and remarkable history. Arrive here on highway from the Pike perch (7 km) or the sea, excursions bring by steam-ships from Alushty, the Pike perch, Koktebel, Feodosiya. In a Soviet period cosmonauts had a rest here only.

    In the west of Sudaksky area there are spacious valleys of mountain small rivers Shelen, the Raven and Kutlak. In with. Sea large modern boarding houses "Zeniths", "Пр§=хЁ" "+ыьрч" and “the Solar stone” adjoin to spacious tent small towns for autotourists. The village Cheerful is highly enough from the sea and is torn off from a beach zone over which children's camps and small boarding houses are constructed some. Transport: by buses — from Simferopol through Belogorsk and Strawberry, from Feodosiya and the Pike perch; boats — from the Pike perch and Alushty.

    Beaches in ustjah river valleys spacious from sandy deposits and small gravel, sometimes with a pebble impurity. On capes – rocky haosy with transparent water for diving.

    In a New World the Blue bay is famous reserved many long years for the Imperial beach. Here the remarkable soft grey sand and never happens storm, and water is very pure. Once under the invitation of prince Golitsyn to the yacht "Штандарт" here there has arrived tsar Nikolay II.

    The Dark blue bay name Predatory - it is squeezed by wild capes far leaving in the sea. Well and the greatest Green bay over which the settlement settles down, has the most extensive gravijno-galechnyj a beach with separate sites of soft grey sand, with a good bottom and a bias, safe for small children.

    In the Pike perch directly under a fortress there is the two-kilometre beach combined in a strip of a surf by grey small gravel, and above an excellent slate sand of dark grey colour which much faster and is more strongly calcinated on the sun, than the yellow shelly. The small beach is and on the other hand Serf mountain at village Cosy .

    From the Pike perch on the east - separated from it a hilly ridge a multikilometer beach of natural boundary Kopsel , on capes hardly already, in ustjah is hardly wider than beams. The bay of Kapsel is closed in the east by powerful rocky cape far acting in the sea Meganom - here alternate with rocky haosami set of small cosy bays for a naturism.

    the Solar valley to the sea leaves an excellent sandy beach, above it settle down village Coastal, bases of rest and a camping for autotourists. By natural boundary Chalki with rocky chaos the coastal track goes to a beach well-known among hippie and naturstov the Fox bay .

    Excursions and productive leisure. the Most popular place it the Genoa fortress, very big, and in a good condition. In the Consular lock in the top part of a fortress it is possible to see a small exposition. Natives of Italy owned the Pike perch about two hundred years, since XIII century, before here have passed tens people. In 1475 a fortress took storm the landing which has landed from a Turkish squadron. Holes from powerful guns gape till now within the precincts of a fortress. On its most top there is well-known a Maiden tower , whence a certain princess has rushed to abyss.

    the Sudaksky historical museum has appeared in the former summer residence of Funka recently (Ushakov's street, 1 input with nabrezhnoj). But, perhaps, the greatest popularity to the Pike perch was brought by the international festivals of KVN, historical fencing and bikers (motorcyclists). It is very popular and the Sudaksky aquapark, in the evenings here spend discos.

    Landscape zakaznik "-ют№щ ётх=" keeps unique a treelike juniper natural park and pines sudakskoj. Through all zakaznik from settlement and to cape Kapchik Golitsyn's track conducts. An input on it paid. On cape Kapchik, in its narrowest part there is a well-known and really entertaining Through grotto.

    Mountain the Falcon (477 m above sea level), reminding a figure of a huge bird with the combined wings, involve rock-climbers from every corner of the globe. Freakish rocks, are certainly good for divers , beginning from a New World and to bottom of mountains the Blockhead and the Serf with ruins of the Genoa fortress.

    In the west from Sea the tower of one more medieval fortress - the Choban-sack towers. In the east cape Ah-foka (Kabany) with ruins of an ancient monastery. In a modern history Sea it is interesting to that here in 1981 Victor Tsoy with companions have decided to base group "-шэю" was more exact in the beginning it is the project “Garin and Hyperboloids”. On June, 21st in Tsoy's birthday its fans here gather.

    In a bay Kopsel so small and easy that has found the eternal rest in its centre after film shootings “the Severe romance” the Volga steam-ship "Swallow". And in general Kopsel a popular place horse walks. the Cape Meganom also is popular for walks on foot and top, and the bay of Bugaz is considered an excellent place for diving .

    Tastings and souvenirs. Factory sparkling wines "-ют№щ Ртх=" it is based in 1878 by the prince of h.p. Golitsyn - the founder of the Russian industrial sparkling winemaking. He has not simply achieved quality (and stable), but also has received a gold medal on the World's fair in 1900 in Paris. A light building in style of the medieval castle, topped with four towers, Golitsyn for employees of winery has constructed h.p. He with a family lived in the separate house (the house has remained), and one of buildings (near to "чрьъюь") Occupied Golitsyn's museum, now the Museum of history of factory of sparkling wines . Besides 11 kinds of local champagne it is popular also so-called "ъѕярц" which for very cheaply spill from bochek. In the Pike perch, Sea and Cheerful there are Association economy "¦рёёрэфЁр" with tasting rooms, and in the Pike perch also with a wine museum. "Рюыэхёэр  -юышэр" is famous for unique wines from native Crimean grades. Here too there is a museum and a tasting complex.

    Igor Rusanov

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