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Other directions

    weather in Crimea


    the Southwest

    Sevastopol, Balaklava, Laspi, Inkerman, Uchkuevka, Ljubimovka, Orlovka, Kacha;
    Sandy, Bakhchisarai, Chufut-kale, Scientific, Mangup, Eski-kermen, Falcon

    In Sevastopol or Bakhchisarai it is good to begin or finish informative and extreme routes (including bicycle, horse, underwater, rock-climbing, speleoologiju, aeronautics), military-historical excursions, archaeological and military-search expeditions, military role modelling. Even the local church management, first of all, cares of temples on the most brisk ways of tourists. Well and the winemaking history here is closely connected with spirituality – Judaic and Christian so to drink not a sin, and an occasion to knowledge.

    Transport and bases of placing. civil airport Belbek recently has joined bus, railway and sea stations in Sevastopol still. In Bakhchisarai the autostation is directly at railway station. From Inkermana it is possible to go by trip steam-ship to bathe to a bay Holland or on the North side of Sevastopol. There go by minibuses and trip buses.

    One of the largest transport knots - autostation Northern where ferries and sea trams (small steam-ships) from the centre of Sevastopol very often go. From here there is a bus flight along all Western coast of Crimea through Evpatoria up to Black Sea. It is a lot of flights to Bakhchisarai, there are also straight lines to Simferopol. It is easy to get on all resorts of the Western coast.

    All interesting is in valleys of the rivers Chorgun (Black), Belbek, Kacha, Bodrak and Alma which will run from spurs of the Main ridge of Crimean mountains and, cutting Foothills ridges, modest enough streamlets run into Black sea at the western coast. In ustevyh zones resorts of Uchkuevka, Ljubimovka, Orlovka, Angular and Sandy where old Soviet boarding houses and bases of rest are supplemented with simple tent small towns, country houses, minihotels and magnificent country houses quickly develop. The garrison of naval pilots Kacha is between Orlovkoj and Angular, recently it is declassified, so many inhabitants accept tourists and in the apartment houses, and on summer residences, which much. They are located among vineyards, so here excellent fruit, vegetables and grapes. To a beach zone from housing estates about 1 km.

    Valleys very wide and unusually picturesque, on them are cleared quite good roads on which from 5 o'clock in the morning and till 6-7 evenings buses and minibuses quickly enough and cheaply rush. In the evening of flights of transport already is not present, with rare exception (there can be last flights of minibuses at 20 o'clock). Unfamiliar avtostoperov it is not accepted to take - neither in the afternoon, nor in the evening.

    Between river valleys there is a dense network of ancient pack tracks on which go, basically only tourists peshehodniki and go dzhipery, mountain bicyclists and konniki.

    Beaches in Sevastopol small and overloaded with people, the military technology and city neighbourhood at closeness of bays does not promote cleanliness of water. Remarkable galechnye beaches are at Balaklavy, but many of them are accessible only from the sea and at a calm weather.

    Sandy and Angular have rather narrow peschano-gravijnye beaches , behind them abrupt slopes or coastal breakages which should be fixed special ferro-concrete designs and gardening quite often tower.

    At with. Orlovka were stretched spacious enough peschano-gravijnye beaches with a flat bias, good both for children, and for adults. Rather narrow, but very interesting beaches are under abrupt coastal breakage which collapses after each big storm. In a breakage exposure there are layers of ancient densely packed sand. After storm and landslips it appears below, and you simply anywhere will not find such virgin cleanliness of a sand!

    The Beach under the Radio hill is known as nudistky, and remarkable sandy beaches Uchkuevki and Ljubimovki have all lines of modern sea resorts.

    Excursions and productive leisure. the Center of Sevastopol, a high hill in an environment of three remarkably built up streets and three areas, is simply continuous exposition. One of few old buildings - the Vladimir cathedral (1888) where there is a tomb of the Russian admirals, and also other heroes of the first defence of Sevastopol.

    It is especially good Seaside parkway with well-known for the Monument to the flooded ships and Count landing stage, and above it the area of admiral Nakhimov with a majestic monument. Always populously and in the Sevastopol aquarium of Institute of biology of the Southern seas. In the centre also there is an Art museum and a museum of history of the Black Sea fleet.

    It is possible to familiarise With antique and medieval history of these places in Chersonese , existed about 2 thousand years (from the end of V century BC till first half XV century d.C.).

    To the east from the Southern bay there is a Ship party of Sevastopol. Malakhov a barrow , here 16 monuments and memorial designations is well-known , strengthenings and massive sea tools of times of the Crimean war, and also rotating armour towers from the ships, established have remained during the second defence.

    the Historical parkway with numerous monuments to heroes of the first defence, strengthenings and tools is popular, first of all, thanks to art to the Panorama , created by 1905. The huge cloth represents reflexion by Russian of general storm of the English-French armies on June, 6th, 1856.

    Having got out of quarters of Gagarinsky area to highway on Balaklavu, you can rise on one legendary place of battles - Sapun-mountain . A diopama "П=ѕЁь Sapun-mountains on May, 7th 1944 у." returns us during nice instants of clearing of Crimea. Before a diopama building are established field and antiaircraft guns, the armoured technics, Guards mortars "ър=¦°ш" the combat material of military seamen, is exposed also trophy fascist combat material.

    Balaklava - the small town in the southeast of the earths of Sevastopol, is located on the bank of the bent picturesque bay reminding a fjord. Directly over it romantic ruins of the Genoa fortress Chembalo (since 2002 here arrange knightly tournaments, the small museum has opened) tower. Mysterious ancient temples the Georgievsky monastery are fanned by poetic legends. Not less legends goes about nemerjannyh treasures of an English frigate "¤Ёшэч", sunk during the Crimean war, in 1854, in the first flight, for what and have nicknamed the ship "ОхЁэ№щ яЁшэч". Then in Balaklavsky battle was lost about 500 offsprings of the aristocratic families of Great Britain. In 2004 huge representation for which of England will arrive about 300 horsemen in vestments of that time is planned.

    Inkerman - a city on the earths of Sevastopol, entitled a building and facing material: inkermansky a stone - dense white limestone. Extracted it from time immemorial, therefore neighbouring rocks are penetrated by catacombs. Used them for the military purposes, for hospitals and monastic cells. Underground labyrinths for endurance of wines are ideal. The Inkermansky factory of vintage wines deserves separate excursion.

    The Inkermansky cave monastery is located on right to river bank Black at its confluence of Northern bay of vicinities of Sevastopol.

    Directly over it at mountain top towers of a medieval fortress flaunt with Kalamita. very original monument of technology is the Inkermansky open-cast mine which bottom is filled by recently brightly green-blue spring water. Waters of a source of the sacred Klimenta, caused by its prayer almost here have left two thousand years ago. Throughout all these years the open-cast mine operated!

    In vicinities Sandy, in Alma's lower reaches the Ust-Alminsky Scythian site of ancient settlement is dug out. It is said that in mouth deposits any special bright pebble (orange serdolikovaja - a beads did of it and Scythians and goto-alany once), but it as will carry comes across also. Archaeological expeditions work and on a place of one of the most bloody battles H of IX century - in Alminsky battle were lost ten thousand soldiers and officers of Russia, Great Britain, France, Sardinian kingdom (Italy) and Turkey.

    Some clubs diving will organise special excursions to the flooded military facilities: to sailing courts, transport courts with a military technology, to planes and other.

    Bakhchisarai and vicinities - the most convenient and rendered habitable part of the Crimean Foothills. Mountaineering here is not combined completely not, but any track pleases with pure springs, picturesque mountain lakes and affable villages.

    Are Most popular for excursions: the Hansky palace , the Uspensky monastery and a cave city Chufut-kale at Bakhchisarai. Between a monastery and city collars of Chufut-kale recently there was a separate excursion object - an obsidional well with hundreds metres of subways. Excavation and sensational finds (among which treasure of gold and silver Roman coins) proceeds each summer season! Here everywhere during a tourist season a parking paid. Campings are not present.

    On the southwest from Bakhchisarai it is possible to pass to a cave monastery Kachi-kalon which breakages with several hundreds cave cells hang directly over highway.

    Is famous all around ancient a source of Tash-Air . All local visitors hasten to type waters in flasks, bottles and other to rise more to the left of a source to breakage bottom. If over it to pour water will appear executed reddish ohroj magic drawings.

    Upstream Kachi, at village Kudrino the road turns off on the north to Tepe-Kermen , here is about 250 caves among which ranne-Christian church of the German tribe it is ready. To rise in a city it is possible only on foot, and to its bottom (where there is a spring and the big table with benches is equipped) it is possible on the car on enough abrupt and difficult dirt road.

    The river Valley Bodrak on the east from Bakhchisarai is remarkable a cave city Bakla , the ancient centre of winemaking. More all Bakla involves visitors with exposures of the rocks which have become by object of official excursion of the World geological congress of 1984 Already more of half a century here there pass practice the future geologists of leading high schools of Russia and Ukraine.

    The Popular place of educational excursions is the Crimean astrophysical observatory in valley upper courses, the largest in Europe.

    The Road on the Observatory (settlement Scientific) begins on 17 km of highway Simferopol-Bakhchisarai. In the beginning it is possible to get to Bakle, and also to the equipped vacation spot at an ancient spring Afinis . Here it is possible to pass only by cars with good passableness, and to the Observatory go on the most beautiful highway and by excursion buses, there is a big free parking place.

    Between Bakhchisarai and Sevastopol through settlement the Lilac (Sjuren) it is possible to get out in the Belbeksky valley and to examine medieval cave cities Mangup and Eski-Kermen ; above with. Falcon is well-known the Grand Canyon of Crimea.

    In vicinities of Bakhchisarai and Sevastopol set of mountain lakes for fishings , some of them in rent, are equipped vacation spots with a paid parking and campings, hunting on a woodcock is very popular , the Italian hunters are accepted many. Comfortable hunting country houses are constructed.

    Rest of autotourists in magnificent country houses is perfectly put in to the Bajdarsky valley. Baj-dere – the Bajsky valley is in the ancient time named so for rich with fruits and game of wood and wonderful springs. Well and now quite bajskimi private residences of officials of the Moscow mayoralty and others in an environment of the landscape named the Crimean Switzerland, with really soft climate without a heat look. At village Spring (Skelja) have remained huge menhirs – cult astronomical constructions of the Stone Age, the Skelsky cave is recently equipped for visiting .

    Bajdarsky gate are constructed in 1848 in honour of end of building of road Sevastopol - Yalta.

    Now on this road go, it is possible to tell, only for the sake of Bajdarsky gate and a remarkable kind from them on Forossky church and picturesque coast below it.

    The Modern highway between Yalta and Sevastopol passes much more low, through Laspinsky pass where on a powerful rock the specific platform is arranged. the rock bears a name and is decorated by a bas-relief Garina-Mihajlovsky , the quite good writer and very talented engineer-putejtsa. It is enough to tell, what even after century of its research and calculations were useful for building of this road.

    From a platform the grandiose kind on bays Laspi and Batiliman, cape Ajja, it still the earths of Sevastopol, but already full Juzhnoberezhe opens. These places name the Crimean Africa for dryness of a climate, a heat and security from winds.

    Tastings and souvenirs . The winemaking history began With Southwest Crimea in Crimea, the rests vinodelcheskogo the equipment of antique time and the Middle Ages are in Chersonese Taurian, many cave cities and monasteries. The Sevastopol winery and agrofirm " the Gold Beam " is a live and sparkling history of Stalin Soviet Champagne, well and the Inkermansky factory of branded dry wines is the most refined production in the CIS.

    Sustained some years in adits of calcareous thicknesses they prepare on ancient technologies without spirit participation. They correspond to the European and Mediterranean taste and is better for summer: fresh, easy, satisfying thirst and fishes facilitating mastering and meat.

    Vineyards of state farm of a name of Sofia Perovskoj (with. Ljubimovka) since ancient times are famous for the muscats. And the sort of noble family Perovsky has given to the world not only one terrorist (let and well-known), but also the whole galaxy of statesmen, military, writers. In Crimea they owned 4 manors, one of them Seaside and has received the name of Alkadar (on it is Arabian means divine command). Now here it is possible to visit a museum of a family Perovsky and to learn present (without fastening) taste of a muscat.

    Wines Bakhchisarai ordinary, they cannot be proud of long endurance, but their price is accessible, the scale answers all tastes from fresh table white wines to dense sweet and strong type “the Sun in a glass” and “Old nectar”. However if you have already got out in district for wholesale purchase of wines, do not forget and about the highest quality of local natural juice, fruit and vegetable canned food. If to take them directly on the Bakhchsarai cannery (it is nearby to railway station) - the prices will cheer up without any wine.

    In with. Vilino it is located the Foothill pilot farm a scientific research institute Ukrainian language on wine growing and winemaking “ by Magarach ” (the institute is located in suburb of Yalta, and it is created in 1828). If all in the world it is known about 24 thousand grades of cultural grapes, in a collection "Magaracha" of their 3.2 thousand. It is the second in Europe and the fourth in the world a live collection.

    The Foothill economy has 520 hectares of the skilled area, rare grades are sometimes presented by 5-10 bushes because of which here come from apart for scientific researches and, of course, for student's an expert.

    The wine collection (enoteka) economy is unusually rich also. For sale for serious money wines with endurance of 5-12 years, well and, for example, Semilon Malaga are intended 1924 - already only for auctions.

    Excellent support to wine will be dishes east and a krymsko-Tatar cuisine which everywhere here are good and move very quickly. The universal markets of souvenirs also are full east exotic: fragrant beads from a juniper, the Tatar flat hats, fragrant grasses and essence.

    Souvenirs which it is possible to encounter simply in mountains – fossils of ancient oysters and snails, the spark teeth, silicon tools of people of the Stone Age, ceramics crocks, tips of arrows and stone kernels for prashchej. Be cautious and do not come nearer to shells of wars of 20 centuries! For expansion of the knowledge on geology, the archeology or a military history can work as a part of numerous expeditions or to order special excursion.

    Igor Rusanov

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