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    weather in Crimea


    the Western coast

    Coastal, Nikolaevka, Frunze, It is new-fedorovka, Saki, Coastal, the Sun, Evpatoria, Dairy, Popovka

    Between steppe and the sea golden beaches alternate whitish open spaces of estuaries about which curative properties legendary doctors of an antiquity knew still.

    Transport and bases of placing.

    Nikolaevka โ€“ settlement at the western coast to which the special highway is laid. A season since May on the end of September. But in the most comfortable boarding house "ะญะฝะตั€ะณะตั‚ะธะบ" with excellent park well and in November. Here a spacious hall with a remarkable parquet where tournaments on sports ball dances are spent, for example. Very good conditions for preparation of Olympians are created in fitness centre "Avant-guard". Set of boarding houses with level of comfort from plywood small houses to apartments in many-storeyed cases. Tens private hotels, ellingi, summer residences, simply rural houses among gardens and vineyards, and also tent small towns for autotourists. The prices for a food are very accessible.

    The Village Coastal, located in a mouth of a small rivulet of Bulganak , though concerns the Bakhchsarai area, but through Kolchugino leaves on a line from Nikolaevka to Simferopol. Local places are not so densely populated, as coast abruptly break to the sea and are subject to landslips. Only river valley as though removes breakages in the parties. In the summer tent small towns for autotourists and rest in rural houses and summer residences involve those who needs only the sea and is inexpensive.

    The Resort (midway between Simferopol and Evpatoria) is unique and well-known for Saki from an extreme antiquity for treatment of barreness at women and men, and also for healing of wounds. Participants of operations or those who has had an accident, a victim of industrial accidents and acts of nature with difficult and not provided in any textbooks mutilations, come here even from the distant countries. Saksky curative lake with a dirt and rapoj, and also sources of mineral water are supported with a dry steppe climate and magic skill of doctors.

    Nearly without reaching from Simferopol to Sak (from GAI post) it is possible to curtail on the south and to get in with. It is new-fedorovka . It not so long ago the declassified aviation garrison. It is well-known for the greatest in the world a springboard for trainings of deck aircraft. However, the main thing is spacious and maloosvoennyj a beach most convenient for trips from Simferopol, both reasonable prices on a food and habitation. Further on the south sandy pour lakes the Cornel-jar at with. Frunze also forms an excellent beach.

    Between Sakami and Evpatoria a continuous train on tens kilometres the golden necklace of lake rerashes on which are laid both highway, and the railway so both by buses, and by electric trains it is easy to get on spacious beaches lasts. The saturation services and trade is high enough on the Saksky beach and at platforms Coastal, the Sun, the New beach. At Coastal by a season of 2005 is under construction big an aquapark .

    The platform the Sun had not so long ago a huge entertaining complex with a dancing which is warmed up all the summer long by the most popular executors of Russia and Ukraine. In this zone there are some old boarding houses and tent small towns and appears more and more comfortable private boarding houses.

    Evpatoria (about 115 thousand inhabitants) - one of the best on a planet of places for treatment and improvement of children. A shallow, warm and safe Kalamitsky gulf, golden sandy beaches, a curative dirt and rapa salty lakes, thermal mineral sources, and the most important thing - the sparing prices for residing and a food.

    In sanatoria with the most different level of comfort (for chambers on 6-10 the person to apartments) effectively treat diseases of the oporno-impellent device, the top respiratory ways and respiratory organs, rheumatism, illnesses of a skin and the metabolism infringement, many professional illnesses, vibrating illness, diseases of organs of hearing, sight, a children's cerebral paralysis, consequences of frustration of the central and peripheral nervous system, including a poliomyelitis.


    the Abundance of antiquities and innovative ideas in youth and children's creativity do rest and treatment in Evpatoria not only useful, but also informative, pleasant, romantic.

    On the north from Evpatoria boundless sandy beaches at the item Peace last, with. popovka, with. Storm, with. Vitino, with. Dairy, with. Cosy, the item of Zaozernoe with bases of rest, campings and private minihotels.

    Beaches sandy in the north of area and with the increasing impurity of small gravel in the south. Bottom biases very flat in Evpatoria, but become sharper from Nikolaevka to Coastal. The swimming season in Evpatoria is favorable for adults from May, 20th till October, 14th and does not become complicated almost storm (on the average only 9 days for a season) or falls of temperature below 17 degrees (only 14 days for a season). Above 20 degrees the water temperature is kept from June, 20th till September, 13th.

    Beaches paid only in the centre of Evpatoria, beaches and parks of sanatoria and children's health resorts are closed for strangers. Are ideal for small children from a rerash of lake Donuzlav and to Evpatoria.

    Excursions and productive leisure. In Sakah is interesting Resort park , put in 1890 - 1892 the New part of the park created already by efforts of sanatorium of Lenin, has plantings of 1993 Two fine ponds and fountains, to 80 breeds of trees and bushes, including rare exotic kinds, over 30 sculptural compositions recover beauty of avenues and flower beds. The park has a museum of local lore, the building is constructed in 1913. A lot of interesting here it is collected about cesarevitch Alexey in its treatment sakskimi by a dirt and in Evpatoria. In the photos made his father Nikolay II, the boy suffering, as it is known, by a hemophilia, takes mud and sand baths and looks, in general, cheerful and healthy.

    the Saksky salty lake is divided by a dam into 2 parts. The western pool - a raw-material base of the Saksky chemical factory. In east it is possible to see, how extract a medical dirt. The maintenance of salts in rape 15 - 25% (in 10 times above, than in the sea). Under rapoj the layer of a dirt to 2 - 2,5 metres in the thickness in the lake centre, and lies down along the edges more thickly. The first mud baths (now it operates in a complex of Military sanatorium) are constructed in 1837. But a local dirt helped still to Scythian soldiers to keep military domination throughout the whole thousand years!

    At sakskogo the rerash end blizi roads the hill the Penalty-tobe with small expocentre and base of children's archeology towers. Here it has been dug out pozdneskifskoe a site of ancient settlement. The city Saki is named so in connection with by accepted in drevnepersidskih sources a designation of Scythian tribes. Greeks said "ั‘ัŠัˆยถโ„–" and Persians - "ั‘ั€ัŠัˆ" designating the same people. The city name completely not ancient also is connected with a fashion on antiquity at the time of Catherine II.

    Evpatoria one of the most ancient cities of the Eastern Europe. Kerkenitidy - a prospering antique city it is possible to see the fortification rests on quay it. Bitter (a beach of Military sanatorium). A Greek-Scythian site of ancient settlement "ะžั€ั‰ัŠั€" (the name conditional) is found near pioneer camp "-ั•ั‘ัˆั‘=โ„–ั‰". And here in the centre witnesses of medieval pages in the history of these places have remained.

    In the end of XV century Turks and Tatars have constructed a fortified city Gezlev (in Russian pronunciation of Goats), become soon the large centre of a slave-trade and crafts. In XVI century under the project of the visible Turkish architect and engineer Kodzhi (Hodzhi) Sinana is constructed a mosque of Dzhuma-Dzhami , or the Khan-dzhami. Turkish baths, Tekie dervishej (cult construction of an Islamic brotherhood) where the ethnographic centre of the Crimean Tatars is recently created have remained also.

    In Gezleve, after Evpatoria, there was one of large communities karaimov, their cult temples have remained - kenasy XVIII century, here works for tourists the Karaimsky ethnographic centre .

    About battles of the Crimean war (1854-55), and the Great Patriotic War monuments to soldiers testify.

    The Evpatorijsky International children's centre-complex "ะ“ัŽั‹ัŽ=ัŽั‰ ัŠั‹ยฆั‘ัˆัŠ" includes Children's theatre, Club of young seamen, theatrical craft workshops, industrial base and branches in suburbs of Evpatoria. More than thousand children are engaged here, but the most interesting are international festivals "ะ“ั…ัŒั‹ย . Theatre. -ั…=ัˆ". Wide popularity thanks to the world records has received local Theatre on Stilts . Directly in a court yard of one of old quarters gives representation Theatre of dolls .

    In Evpatoria, in park of Frunze near to a city beach it is constructed excellent an extreme-park "ะ˜ั€ัััŽัŠั‘": on the polished concrete metal springboards and hills for tricks on the roller fads, skateboards, bicycles and other are established.

    From Evpatoria it is possible to make excursion in National control centre and tests of space means and to examine: kvantovo-optical system "ะ ั€ั†ั…ัั–" for the first time measured distance from the Earth to the Moon, the lander which has visited space, a unique radio telescope with diameter of the aerial of 70 metres (the size of a football ground), antenna complexes for management of spaceships.

    Near to the huge aerial of a distant outer-space communication, at village Popovka in 2001-2003 held youth festival "-ั€zั€ั=ัˆั" cultivating elektronno-space music. In general club movement in Evpatoria develops last years very dynamically. Night clubs are located directly at a beach.

    On 6th kilometre of highway Evpatoria - Simferopol attracts attention original, very dynamical and expressive a monument from bronze and concrete. In January, 1942 a trawler "-ั‡ะโ„–ั‚ั€=ั…ั‹ั–", the participant of landing operation here was lost.

    At with. School between Sakami and Simferopol attract attention silvery designs of locators. It the space centre on which in due time the range simulating lunar craters has been constructed of a local shell rock, and the best Soviet tractor operators (the teetotal!!!) learnt to operate a moon rover on a video shooting from its chambers.

    Halfway between Simferopol and Nikolaevka are interesting zakaznik medicinal grasses at with. The Pozharsky, picturesque Kolchuginsky water basin and the Crying Rock. Are in these parts pleasant horse walks and driving on a mountain bicycle .

    Tastings and souvenirs. On military airdrome in It is new-fedorovke in February, 1945 Churchill and Roosevelt's planes landed. Directly in airdrome they were met by Stalin, and in the big army tent vodka and simple Russian meal have been offered visitors: abrupt eggs, black and red caviar, a smoked salmon. The menu " the big three " can perfectly brighten up any winter excursion.

    Between Sakami and Evpatoria the lake Sasyk-Sivash , one of the greatest in Crimea, its area about 7 100 hectares lasts. Table salt extraction is conducted on lake from second half of 19 centuries: separate sites of lake are protected by dams from inflow of fresh water, the sun evaporates a superfluous moisture and salt starts to crystallise. Casually got in rapu branches, acquiring large brilliant crystals, become very attractive and original souvenirs.

    Igor Rusanov

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