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Other directions

    weather in Crimea


    the Center

    Simferopol, Red caves, Chatyrdag and Angarsk pass, Belogorsk and Karabi

    all natural zones of Crimea Here converge:
    JAjla, Foothills, steppe and the sea coast, all main roads, all economic interests and all tourist routes.

    Transport and bases of placing. the Basic part of tourists and having a rest acquaintance begins with Crimea with Simferopol (about 370 thousand inhabitants). But slip it hastily, knowing only that here are: railway station, 2 airports – Central and Factory, road service station and 3 autostations (Resort on privokzalnoj the areas, Western – on the Sevastopol direction and East – to Feodosiya and Kerch). For those who has a rest at coast or in mountains, museums, entertainments and sports shows in Simferopol become good addition. Here set of hotels, from inexpensive children's camp sites to comfortable private hotels. The ideal beginning of thematic routes: naturalists', historical, wine, extreme and, especially, for a mountain bicycle.

    Excursions and productive leisure. In Simferopol having a rest involve circus, 6 theatres, museum of local lore, an art museum and a showroom of the union of artists, and also stadium "-юъюью=шт" with a football ground and a boxing hall of the international level. A great number of monuments of architecture, culture and history. Since IV century B.C. till III century AD on a place there was Naples Scythian , presumably, capital pozdneskifskogo the states. At the time of the Crimean khanate nearby there was a residence of the Kalga-sultan (the crown prince) and small craft small town the Ak-mosque (the White mosque). The oldest building of a city - a mosque of Kebir-dzhami is constructed in 1508. It really white also is built recently up anew.

    Joining of Crimea to the Russian empire in 1783 has ennobled the provincial centre formed after a year which is named by prince Potyomkin-Taurian Simferopol, a city-collector. Monuments in honour of the general-anshefa V.M.Dolgorukov and the well-known commander And. V.Suvorov around hotel "ЛъЁршэр" remind of camp of Russian armies on the major crossing of roads.

    To the beginning of 20 centuries Simferopol became the important world trade centre with branches of several international banks. It is especially remarkable among them a bank building on street Bitter 4 (architect N.P.Krasnov).

    Many high schools have remarkable museums, for example, the Zoological museum Taurian national university.

    Simferopol became a place of mass pilgrimage to hallows the archbishop Onions (V.F.Vojno-Jasenetsky) . The remarkable surgeon, the professor of the Crimean medical institute, it has rescued thousand wounded and patients, in hard times stalinizma without leaving and church service. On an orthodox ceremony it is canonised in the sacred. Now, after the first cases in Greece, behind wonderful healing from the sacred there arrive thousand believers.

    Vicinities Simferopol are very picturesque and abound with wood small restaurants at highway on all directions. Remarkable dirt roads and ancient tracks it is possible on a mountain bicycle to reach to the most prestigious both interesting natural and historical sights.

    To the south from Simferopol are very popular Red caves and plateau caves Chatyrdag : Marble, Emine-bair-hosar and others. On a plateau there are comfortable small houses for tourists, and during winter time mountain-skiing lines with lifts and equipment hire work. On the way to caves of Chatyrdaga on a known cordon foresters suited with Krinichka open-air cages for animals of the Crimean reserve: wild boars, deer and others. It is possible for a payment and to fish on a picturesque pond.

    In 30 km from Simferopol and 12 km from Alushty the Main ridge of Crimean mountains cut Angarsk pass (752 m above sea level). Snow here is good for winter sports and rest since January prior to the beginning of March.

    To the southwest from Simferopol in village Chestnut in a shade of magnificent chestnut avenue the manor Borozdinyh-Davydovyh, relatives of poet-hussar Denis Davidov has remained. In 1825 the writer and diplomat A.S.Griboedov here stopped. In this area also there are commercial ponds for fishings . Hunting on a woodcock is well-known for the whole world and local .

    Between Simferopol and Feodosiya there is Belogorsk, and near to it a well-known and most beautiful White Rock - Ak. here archeological excavations (tens parking of the primitive person and Scythian barrows) in the summer are always conducted. In career above, on a rock plateau it is possible to find a fossil spark teeth and other entertaining geological souvenirs.

    In 1782 prince G.A.Potyomkin accepted on the White rock from Crimean baev and murz an oath of allegiance of the Russian empire.

    The Crimean Foothills are remarkable the gardens and wood berries, and also unusually tasty spring water. Local the markets - at villages Rich, Spring, Topolevka - a true pleasure for the traveller.

    But Karabi-jajla - the most deserted place in Crimea. The hilly plateau uplifted more than on 1000 metres, is covered by karstic funnels and penetrated by a myriad of caves, wells and mines. The huge mysterious figures reminding butterflies, are laid out on a grass by calcareous blocks - but drawings can be distinguished only from flight height (and from space!), and here the second image petroglyphic, the person operates the mechanism from three correct forms wheels, or gear wheels, it, on the contrary, is hidden in one of caves. The nature has created Karabi as a secret airfield. In days of the Great Patriotic War here there was a main guerrilla airdrome.

    Tastings and souvenirs. In Simferopol there is vinodelcheskaja a firm " Dionis ". In 1853, during the Crimean war, a merchant of the first guild George Nikolaevich Hristoforov has redeemed at Military department the powder warehouses arranged in ancient shtolnjah, penetrating limestone on hundreds metres, and has put trade in the Crimean wines, including South careful, on a capitalist basis with a wide network of delivery in empire big cities.

    Besides the well-known cellars of wine maintain and on special madernyh and heresnyh platforms. After all duration of solar light in Simferopol above, than in Yalta! So and madera, and a sherry, and in general strong wines "-шюэшёр" correspond to the highest standards, but it "шч¦ьшэъющ" strong red Vermouths are.

    Igor Rusanov

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