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    weather in Crimea


    Crimea - HEALTH peninsula. A climate, rest and treatment resources

    If to measure on kilometres, Crimea differs from area, average in the sizes both for Ukraine, and for the European part of Russia a little. But literally each turn of road can open that landscapes of Switzerland a taiga jungle, it is possible to find cretaceous prairie and saline soils. But search here for not so much impression, how many health.

    the Sea is the main thing behind what go in Crimea, it defines softness of its climate, surrounding peninsula from different directions, leaving only narrow communication with continent. Black sea has salinity 28 promille, hardly more low than in Mediterranean sea and the World ocean. It means that water not such dense and it is pleasant to dive into it from any height. Salts on a body operate without irritation and, in general, special necessity to wash off them is not present. the Black Sea water has much in common, on salt structure, with blood and a lymph of the person. All vital microcells are acquired at bathings directly through a skin, the metabolism improves, trains cardiovascular and respiratory systems, the vitality raises, the organism becomes tempered . In comparison with more southern resorts Crimea wins that water usually does not get warm above 24 degrees With and always gives vivacity.

    Unpleasant for having a rest feature of Black sea are summer sgony warm water โ€“ "ััˆั‡ัŽั‚ัŠั€" or "ยงัŽั‹ัŽั„ััŽั… =ั…ั‘ั…ััˆั…" when warm water is driven away by a wind from coast, and from below rises cold 8-12 about S.Eto the crystal-clear waters storing in still cleanliness and power power of the Great freezing of Europe. The sea these days especially beautifully, and fish is caught by itself. However, always it is possible to choose coast area, where water during this moment warm .

    Water Coolings never happens on sea of Azov . Salinity here even more low. But its shallow gulf has Sivash very concentrated rapu - so water with the high maintenance of salts is called. It is used for chemical manufacture, and in separate sites of Sivash for the medical purposes.

    About 50 coastal lakes - estuaries are formed by flooding ustev the ancient rivers. Rapa and vysokomineralizovannye a dirt 26 of them as a result of the medical practice numbering about 3 thousand of years, is recognised by curative. By scientific researches it is proved that in a dirt , in comparison with a dirt of the Dead Sea, vitamins, lipidov and amino acids it is more than Saksky lake from 2 to 10 times. And salutary force of lake Chokrak at Kerch is supplemented still with constant inflow of substances of mud volcanoes from bowels of the Earth. Therefore only Crimea gives chance in treatment of some difficult diseases for which any resort of the world is powerless.

    Blue clay meets in coastal breakages of many places of Crimea. It is known for the unique washing properties from an antiquity as sapun, kil. But it is now appreciated instant cosmetic effect for a skin and hair in a combination to sea water and solar warming up. The power conceals it in itself of force of volcanic eruption and the tsunami โ€“ after all is the ancient volcanic ashes processed by the sea.

    Kerch strait between Azov and Black sea has a transitive mode of salinity and original delights in bathing.

    The Unique effect of any bathing - - on the sea reaches a hydromassage of a maximum: water puts upon a body pressure - omnidirectional and changeable, especially effective at movement in water. Elasticity of muscles increases, and the skin becomes elastic and ironed, polished.

    But bathing and sunburn at all do not settle all medical factors, and not any selective to certain diseases, and such that will not be superfluous for any person.

    During a storm it is very useful to walk along coast and to breathe aerosols sea water โ€“ air sated with its smallest parts in the form of ions, well influencing on respiratory and cardiovascular system.

    Circulation barefoot can argue by efficiency with the well-known acupressure shiatsu. On the bottom surface of feet there are the sensitive points connected by nervous fibres with heart, a liver, kidneys and other important bodies. Go and run on a beach barefoot on the heated naked children and on wet sand in a surf zone, begin with a soft sparing covering, and then pass to a large pebble, on which foot "ัŒัั…=ั‘ย " it fails, stretched and on neokatannuju shchebenku, cutting away skin by sharp sides.

    Sand baths - ancient medical means for patients and entertainment for healthy. The best time "ั•ยงัŽั„ัˆ=ั– in ัั…ั‘ัŠัˆ" 10 - 12 o'clock in the morning when sand gets warm to 40 - 50ยฐะก. It possesses teploustojchivostju, is capable to absorb a moisture. Sand in regular intervals and long enough gives the heat, strengthening potootdelenie, stimulating oxidising processes in an organism and promoting improvement of work of kidneys. Sand tekuch and consequently presses on a body from different directions, irritating the nervous terminations of a skin is salutary an effect has on blood and lymphatic vessels of a skin.

    the Relief and a coastal line. Flat Crimea differs from steppes of the next areas of Ukraine a little, but in the west the plain passes in the calcareous ledges of Tarhankuta abruptly breaking to the sea, and in the east - in hilly ridges of Kerch peninsula. The coastal line everywhere is very difficult: picturesque breakages and rocky haosy alternate with spacious beaches in the protected bays. Them obrashchennost to the sun it is so various that always it is possible to find "ั‘ัŠัŽั‚ัŽะัŽั„ัŽั‘ัŠัˆ" for sunburn still in "ยถั…ั‚ะั€ั‹ั–ั‘ัŠัˆั… ัŽัŠัั€" - characteristic for Crimea the warming periods or to prolong "the velvet season" till the end of November.

    Crimean mountains in the south were stretched by three parallel ridges from Sevastopol to Feodosiya on 150 kilometres. Their southern slopes almost otvesny, and northern the hollow pass in mezhgrjadovye falls or plains. Two low ridges in the north make the Crimean foothills , cut on separate files picturesque river valleys; and the Main ridge, or Jajla (on krymsko-tatarski - summer pastures) rises almost continuous barrier which height in the central part exceeds one thousand metres. The ridge hides from cold winds at the southern abrupt breakage a narrow strip of a land - the well-known Southern coast of Crimea ( JUBK ). From Alushty to Sudaka Jajla it is cut by the spacious valleys which have been not so protected from a winter icy cold, but with huge pleasant beaches is a Southeast coast of Crimea ( JUVBK ).

    The Difficult relief and power of geological processes in Crimea define also the big variety of sources mineral and thermal waters , all about 100 sources. Many of them are used simply as table water though the spring of the Suvluh-sou at Alushty, for example, deduces from an organism radionuklidy, on what have paid attention after Chernobyl accident. The most known mineral water "-ะโ„–ัŒั‘ัŠั€ย " it is effective for improvement of a stomach, a liver, kidneys. And "ะ˜ั…ัŽั„ัŽั‘ัˆั‰ั‘ัŠั€ย " for treatment of diseases of the top respiratory ways and nervous system.

    the Climate as a whole has lines of a moderate belt. But Southern coast of Crimea name subsredizemnomorem - the basic lines of its climate are close to areas of Mediterranean sea, and a plant and animal life - to subtropics. Average temperature of January of +4 degrees S

    Northern, flat part of Crimea, has a continental climate of a moderate belt. Frosts can reach-30 degrees With, but average temperature of January from-2 to +1 degrees S

    the Summer in Crimea everywhere hot and solar (the average temperature of July of +24 degrees C, in August of heat can exceed 40 degrees, but it is transferred easily thanks to dryness of air), a fair weather pleasantly is freshened by short downpours, more often at midday. It is possible to consider as borders of a resort season the middle of May (but it is traditionally populous for holidays in the first decade of May) and the end of September. Summer days very long: in 4-6 o'clock in the morning it is already light, darkens in 8-10 evenings. At coast summer nights warm, in mountains cool and fresh.

    the Autumn indulges silent sunny days (even weeks), but also plentifully treats to rains. the winter frequently differs from late autumn a little, but in mountains it is simple a miracle: dry frosty air, pure fluffy snow. in the spring deep-water Black sea gets warm at Yalta and Alushty more slowly, than on the western or east coast of Crimea. Therefore March and April with their violent flowering are especially good at the western coast and in Foothills.

    Duration of solar light on our resorts much more exceeds level of Nitstsy, Sochi. Only in a warm half of year - from April till October under the long-term data in Evpatoria the sun shines 1982 hours, not covered with clouds. It more than in Sochi for all year.

    If you begin a swimming season in Guarding on May, 6th , and finish in Yalta on October, 23rd , it will be almost half a year!

    Relative humidity air in Crimea almost always and everywhere is insignificant - within 65 - 80% and is optimum for Europeans.

    Igor Rusanov

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