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    weather in Crimea


    Crimea - peninsula of TREASURES. Bowels, vegetation and fauna

    Raznobrazie of natural landscapes of the Crimea which has united mountains and plains, the North and the South, Europe and Asia, it was added with the man-made dvortsovo-park complexes bearing in financial and creative power of the Russian empire and Soviet Union. The nature here is powerful, but is friendly, and the wild behaviour of leaders has only added with its romantic whims.

    the Mineralogical riches Crimea, perhaps, will concede to Ural Mountains and other South African republics, but only on value of minerals. Informative value of geological exposures of our peninsula, and the main thing – convenience of their studying, simplicity of extraction of fossils of ancient animals and gathering of collections involve here experts from every corner of the globe. Tens expeditions and student's an expert pass in the summer. Well and jewellers work with the Crimean semi-precious stones from quartz group: a cornelian, a jasper, agate, chalcedony, rock crystal. They are not difficult for finding and among a usual beach pebble.

    Geological processes occur in Crimea as if in a mode of extreme show or circus illjuziona: dramatically, visually, but it is up to the end inexplicable. The sacred sources contradicting laws of a hydrology and gravitation; underground labyrinths in tens kilometres; the volcanic muzzles overturned on one side; rocky files without the bases, arisen goodness knows where from; sea bowls at kilometre height; eternal ices and glacial boulders; the tongues of sand changing the borders as will like …

    It is possible to put forward the versions, and it is possible to admire simply. All these stone haosy, idols, canyons, caves, falls are not simply beautiful, and are divinely beautiful and store in itself sacrificial blood, is frequent also the human.

    Floristic riches Crimea, and it about 2400 kinds, is unusual not only to the Eastern Europe (which average area has usually 500-800 kinds). To riches of the green dress of peninsula, especially its Southern coast, natives of the countries of the Mediterranean or those who often there has a rest - our greens are surprised also both is more powerful, and is more various, and fresh; richer than soil; set of extensive reserves.

    Approximately 250 kinds of plants meet only in Crimea, them name endemami (endemikami, endemichnymi kinds). Besides the primordial kinds Crimea is rich also introdutsentami , not less than 2000 kinds of plants are delivered here from all ends of globe and widespread.

    the Vegetation includes associations of a moderate strip, subtropics and mountain belts. The birchwood or a pine pine forest, an oak grove or kovylnaja steppe - the inhabitant of the Midland will meet them as old acquaintances. And here mountain meadow steppes Jajly or impassable kustarnikovye thickets of Southeast coast is already something especial. That to speak about ancient parks Juzhnoberezhja where in relic mozhzhevelovye groves have joined for a long time the Italian pines and the Lebanese cedars. And artificial landings of the Crimean pine to mountain terraces and the fulfilled stone-cutting open-cast mines quite often cast thoughts on pyramids majja or architecture of aliens.

    Hundreds kinds of trees and bushes of Crimea allocate fitontsidy , flying connections, pernicious for pathogenic microbes. essence wild-growing, park and specially cultivated kinds, for example a lavender or rosemary, is widely applied in medical practice, perfumery and parapsychology.

    All year long woods and meadows give mushrooms and berries, medicinal grasses and nuts, at last, simply amusing snags and outgrowths.

    The Set of corners of mountain wood is arranged well, especially at springs. Wood furniture from stubs and snags, shelters from a bad weather, arbours. Well and it is final kostrishcha, braziers, musorosborniki, parking places. Naturally, it is necessary to pay for it.

    Fauna quite often characterise as island and poor. However Crimea now not only possesses excellent zoological collections of museums, but also interesting zoos, and also accepts foreign tourists for sports hunting and foreign scientists for researches. Already more than 150 years are protected in mountain woods the Crimean red deer and a black signature stamp – the largest bird of Europe. The wild wild boar, the squirrel, a pheasant are delivered and have widely extended muflon.

    If it is a little animals and in the specific relation, and on frequency of meetings the world of insects simply deserves special expeditions of scientists and collectors (and it practises): 15 thousand kinds.

    2 thousand butterflies - day and night (for example, well-known brazhnik "ьхЁ=тр  уюыютр"), summer and winter (!), whole flitting iridescent clouds.

    And thus anything similar to excess of gadflies and the gadflies, habitual for Russia, or on a bloody bath of the Siberian midges. Generally only fluttering, koposhenie, a sparkling. Friendly enough, as well as all Crimean nature.

    And as regards music... Crickets and grasshoppers chirr where more cheerfully, than to the north. And cicadas create the vibration shaking in literal sense which for the present have been not surpassed any megatons of electronics.

    The Grape snail geliks, an overland mollusc, is famous for the taste, in vicinities of Bakhchisarai them prepare even for delivery in restaurants of France.

    However, business with sea molluscs – mussels and rapanami is much easier is. And Black sea is not offended by tasty fish. In total 500 kinds live in it monocelled, nearby 160 pozvonochnyh (fishes and mammals) about kolo two and a half thousand kinds, from which. Crustacea more than 500 kinds, molluscs (200 kinds). For comparison it is possible to tell that Mediterranean sea more richly kinds in 3,5 times, and Azov is poorer in 4 times. And here on ryboproduktivnosti (abilities to give fish from surface unit) sea of Azov was considered in 60 - 70th as the best in the world.

    From sea mammals dolphins are numerous: belobochka, azovka, afalina. Belobochka it is most extended, at length has to 2 metres, the big jambs goes in the high sea, eats hamsoj and a sprat. On belobochku it is similar afalina, but it is larger (to 3 metres of length). Afalina perfectly dives, at a bottom merlanga, barabulju, slopes therefore can suffice. Azovka has no snout, its length to 1,5 metres, spends summer in sea of Azov, and winter - in Black. Representations which are arranged in delphinariums, training, how many game and cooperation of dolphins, and also result of their curiosity is not so much. Accompanying boats and steam-ships at coast, they behave so effectively, gracefully and fearlessly. And exhausting a mullet or other fish to coast for the hunting, friendly allow to receive also to fishermen the share.

    Igor Rusanov

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