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    weather in Crimea


    Crimea - FANTASTIC peninsula. Places of filmings, specific platforms

    Simply passing on one of picturesque mountain roads, you stop at an arbour and a specific platform and in the beginning gasp, then remove, and then recollect that saw it at cinema. At cinema about Africa or Arctic regions, about cowboys or aliens. It could be the fairy tale or the original chronicle of historical events. And there, where they have occurred, to remove it it is already impossible. But in Crimea to remove probably all.

    In 1908 (5 years prior to occurrence of the first studio in Hollywood) in Yalta landscape films the French firm of brothers the Stalemate already shot, and in 1911 A.Hanzhonkov has constructed the first film studio. In 1918 Joseph Ermolev beginning at the Stalemate has created branch of the Moscow film studio. Since then to 40 film crews in a year (including from England, the USA, Sweden) work in the different ends of peninsula, removing prairies and a taiga, deserts and jungle, Martian channels and even the Arctic hummocks.

    the Cape Tarhankut at northwest coast of Crimea became a cradle of the Soviet diving, immersing with an aqualung. The powerful light stream penetrates the cleanest sea thickness on tens metres. "+ัŠั‚ั€ั‹ั€ััƒัˆ on ั„ัั…" and "ะžั…ั‹ัŽั‚ั…ัŠ-ั€ัŒยถัˆััˆย " instantly and for ever became cult films.

    Perekop almost two thousand years was the main barrier in wars for Crimea, and in a film "ะ ั‹ั•ั†ัˆั‹ัˆ two =ัŽั‚ั€ะัˆะั€" it is possible to see original first prospecting shootings of its positions of times of Civil war.

    Sevastopol - the proud old age of pig-iron guns and dozing power of cruise missiles simply submits the Hero town. Well and handsome men the ships โ€ฆ

    The First Russian film โ€œCrimean warโ€ was ready by 1911. In it still had time to act in film gallant grey-haired dedulki in shining crosses - heroes of defence of 1854-1856. The premiere has passed in the Livadijsky palace for an imperial surname and their visitors.

    Vicinities of Sevastopol are remarkable the nature, but also emptiness. On one of local beaches removed "ะ ัŠั€ั‡ัŠั• about the tsar ะ ั€ั‹=ั€ัั…" on other โ€“ "ยคะัˆัŠั‹ยฆั‘ั…ััˆย  Buratino. And still: "+ั‹ั‹ั…ัƒะัŽ with ัŽัƒัั…ัŒ" "ยคั…ะั‚โ„–ั‰ blow of a Jackie ะžั€ัั€".

    Buhtu Laspi name the Crimean Africa because of dry hot summer. Relic mozhzhevelovye woods go down on stone haosam to the sea, pure and transparent. "ะ“ั€ั‘ั…ัŠะั…ั‘ั…ััโ„–ั‰ ัƒัŽะัŽั„" shows these places not so children's resort, and is faster boyish paradise - with adventures and dangers.

    Settlement Katsiveli - the openwork silvery design like a locator has created at once in a film "ะšั€ั‰ัั€ iron ั„ั‚ั…ะัˆ" a fantastic spirit. Well and prison of ocean depth - taki yes!, storm pool of Sea hydrophysical institute. The mountain the Cat has perfectly added a landscape of the country born from desires of the boy-wizard.

    Simeiz with the magnificent country houses and fantastic rocks of the most inveterate abstract artists force to draw landscapes. One of the best specific points of Crimea โ€“ the Miracle rock is well-known for that a certain local guy jumped from it for the Gipsy from Imperceptible avengers in "-ัŽะัŽัั… Russian ัˆัŒัั…ะัˆัˆ".

    Alupka - a local palace of count Vorontsova, inconceivable, inadmissible, unreal mixture of the East and the West. Whether it is a fairy tale? More precisely all fairy tales where action occurs in palaces and locks, it is possible to remove here.

    Soaring highly over Juzhnoberezhem of a plateau Ah-petri in the winter quite descends for polar deserts, and in the summer for mountain deserts of Afghanistan or certain other countries where good guys battle to the bad. Silvery spheres of a military observatory on Bedene-kyr allow to transfer fights for justice to any point of a galaxy and in as much as fantastic future.

    Yalta - for some reason I recollect palm trees in snow and in general strange cold and severe Yalta from a film "+ั‘ั‘ั€". But all the same the beauty. To which all you forgive โ€ฆ

    It such bright and such different, it is possible what to remove everything: "-ัŽะโ„– in ั‡ั€ัŠัŽัั…" "-ั€ัŒั€ with ั‘ัŽัั€ั‘ัŠัŽั‰" "ยฆัˆะั€ั†" "ยคั…ะั‚โ„–ั‰ blow of a Jackie ะžั€ัั€" "ะ˜ัˆััˆั‘= clear ั‘ัŽัŠัŽั‹" "ยฆ=ัŽ a sweet word ั‘ั‚ัŽััŽั„ั€" "ะ›ัั„ัˆัั€".

    the Nikitsky cleft - very small, but it is unusual "ั„ัˆัŠัŽั…" picturesque gorge in steam of hundreds metres from a trolleybus line above Nikita. Each turn of a cleft opens new landscapes so at shooting it is easy to create illusion even long-term travel, as for example, in "-ั…=ย ยง the captain +ะั€ั=ั€". Well and great storyteller Alexander Rowe in general created here miracles.

    Artek - a basis for shootings - harbour artekovskogo yacht-club, and the basic scenery - rocks-islets of Adalary and Aju-dag (Bear-mountain). "-ั…=ัˆ the captain +ะั€ั=ั€" "+ั„ัˆั‘ั‘ั…ย  the captain โ€ฆั‹ั€ั„ั€" "ะ ั…ะั„ั‡ั€ 3-ยง".

    the Mountain Demerdzhi - on its slope flaunts that stone, on which "-ั€ั‚ัŠั€ั‡ั‘ัŠั€ย  ัั‹ั…ัััˆั‡ั€" sang about bears. The fortress of Funa at mountain bottom has any especially convincing vysokogorno-extreme kind: "ะ ั…ะั„ั‡ั€ 3-ยง" and "ยคะัˆัŠั‹ยฆั‘ั…ััˆย  a royal marksman ะŸั€ะัั€".

    Simferopol with its darling, moderately pompous and moderately romantic style "ะœั†ัั€ย  ัะัŽั‚ัˆัั‡ัˆย " 19 centuries and chaotic east lay-out of 15 centuries for a long time it is recognised by an excellent platform for a screen version of Russian classics (at least "+ั•ัั…ะัั‘ัŠัŽัƒัŽ cities ะ ." on Chekhov or "-ั‚ั€ =ัŽั‚ั€ะัˆะั€" on Voinovich).

    Bakhchisarai - the Hansky palace, naturally, served as a place of shooting for "ั€ัŽัŠั‘ัŽั‹ั€ัโ„–" a New Year's musical "+ั‹ัˆ-ัั€ัั€ both 40 ะั€ั‡ััŽั‰ััˆัŠัŽั‚" and other east-garemnyh stories. And here the suburb hanskoj capitals Salachik (starosele) became the Spanish mountain place in an English serial "ยคะัˆัŠั‹ยฆั‘ั…ััˆย  a royal marksman ะŸั€ะัั€". The grandiose ladder which has been cut down directly in a rock of a cave Uspensky monastery, has forever entered into folklore of guides as Hamlet Ladder.

    And hardly above on a plateau, in the cave city of Chufut-kale removed once a den of terrible Chilean robber Hoakina Murety. Probably, he has simply followed the lead of robbers from Russian fairy tale "ะ˜ัˆััˆั‘= clear ั‘ัŽัŠัŽั‹". In 2001 Americans here removed a film-fentazi "-ั€ะั‚ั€ะ".

    Ak is a cretaceous prairie of all Soviet westerns: "-ัŽั†ั„ั– ัŠะั€ั‘ััŽัŠัŽั†ัˆยง" "-ัŽัŽะั•ั†ั…ั and very much ัŽัั€ั‘ั…ั" "-ั‘ั€ั„ััˆัŠ without ัƒัŽั‹ัŽั‚โ„–" "-ัŽะัŽั‹ัˆ and ัŠั€ัั•ั‘=ั€" "-ัŽััŽ" "ยฆัˆะั€ั†" "ยฆั•ั‘=ั€ััƒ-ัˆััŽยงัŽั„ั…ั‡" "ะžั…ั‹ัŽั‚ั…ัŠ from parkway -ั€ัั•ั‡ัˆััŽั‚"

    the New World - when here was shot a film "3+2" at actors of guys were special ausvajsy on the circulation right in shorts on settlement. For such liberties then, in the beginning 60, tjagali in militia. "ยคัˆะั€=โ„– HH ั‚ั…ัŠั€" "+ั„ัˆััŽั‘ััŽั… ัั‹ั€ั‚ั€ััˆั…" "+ั‘=ะัŽั‚ ั‘ัŽัŠะัŽั‚ัˆะ" and others morjatskie stories have found the best embodiment at remarkable cape Kapchik. And dramatic nature "+ััโ„– -ั€ะั…ััˆััŽั‰" have underlined contrasts and contradictions of terrible rocks, tender bays and unpredictable whimsicality of footpaths.

    the Pike perch - at walls of a local Genoa fortress acted in film "+ั‘=ะัŽั‚ ั‘ัŽัŠะัŽั‚ัˆะ" "+ั„ัˆััŽั‘ััŽั… ัั‹ั€ั‚ั€ััˆั…" "ั€ั•ั‘ั– ัˆั‡ัั€ั‘ั€ั‹ั–ัั€ย ".

    Feodosiya - on local station there have arrived heroes "ะ ััŽะ=ั‹ัŽ=ัŽ-82" living then on the Karadagsky biological research station and the wound improbable windings of a mountain track and a comical plot in its vicinities. Koktebel and the Silent bay became arena of set of westerns.

    Kerch โ€“ is a lot of to rustle and amusing funny things were done by shooting of a battle epopee "ะ =ั€ั‹ัˆััƒะั€ั„" when the city sky was filled with bombers with a swastika, and in shops on a lunch break the whole hordes fake "ยถั€ยฐัˆั‘=ัŽั‚" were;. Ruins of pre-war shops of factory of Vojkova and now still look grandiosely. Well and new batalistov recently declassified fortresses of Eni-kale and Kerchensky with fortifikatsionnymi constructions of 18-20 centuries wait.

    Igor Rusanov

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    Crimea - HEALTH peninsula. A climate, rest and treatment resources
    Crimea - peninsula of TREASURES. Bowels, vegetation and fauna
    Crimea - generous peninsula. Hunting, fishing, sporting, green tourism
    Crimea - LOVE peninsula. Culture, art, celebrities
    Crimea - peninsula of OPENING. Educational and adventure tourism
    Crimea - peninsula of ENTERTAINMENTS. Aakvaparki, boulingi, night clubs
    Crimea - HOSPITABLE peninsula. Ethnic cuisine and the Crimean wines
    Crimea - peninsula of CHAMPIONS. Sports and an extreme
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