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    Crimea - peninsula of OPENING. Educational and adventure tourism

    "+фэр the Simferopol hillock has defined all my further цшчэі" Alexander Fersman – an opener of the richest minerals across all Soviet Union wrote about the youth. The nature and history in Crimea as if invite to knowledge, remunerating each effort visible fruits, whether it be opening of a new mineral or a minor planet, the description of a new kind of the butterfly or selection of a new grade of grapes.

    For educational tourism Crimea has the greatest in the CIS a variety of museums and centres of science. Students and the advanced senior pupils from the different countries are accepted by bases geological, ecological and even art an expert. For example, the base of the Moscow university is created in the Bakhchsarai area in 1920th years and possesses rich geological and archaeological museums, a unique collection of aerial photographs, and the practice area is the most studied in the world as regards geology, mineralogy, tectonics and accepted special excursion of the World geological congress. In Alupke long since there pass practice students of the Petersburg art institute of I.E.Repin.

    Possibilities to get acquainted with natural unique persons of Crimea and all world are now very rich and continuously extend – "эрЁюфѕ эЁртш=ё " as it was told in one film. The private initiative of people "эх from the world ёхую" all life devoted to small insects, small insects, skotinkam and to pestles-stamens the escalating monetary stream and delight from outside causes now tourists.

    But it is natural, in Crimea in the conditions of the free market the classical institutions created at a dreadful imperial mode and even more dreadful Soviet have blossomed also.

    We Will begin with capital of Crimea. the Taurian national university is famous for unique library of the curiosities collected from palaces of aristocracy during civil war. In it one of the best Zoological museums the countries – pride of its collection sea animals, fishes and the molluscs brought from the international expeditions, and also delivered by numerous students-zaochnikami who went on courts in zagranku is created. To become sea captains, having only seaworthy school behind shoulders, they studied in Simferopol. Well and it is natural, they received many offsets for exotic fishes of tropics. Two halls are devoted insects on which riches Crimea to very few people concedes.

    Now the Taurian national university also seriously was engaged in the the Botanical garden , really, with nice history, pretty landscapes and a remarkable collection of plants. The university possesses also own base an expert at village Krasnolese on spurs of a file of Chatyr-dag.

    The Crimean agrouniversity and other agricultural high schools are provided by skilled plantations, fruit nurseries, hothouse small towns. And the Crimean medical university possesses enough shocking collection in the dissecting room – congenital uglinesses, genetic anomalies and other passions which are necessary for knowing not only to physicians, but also in general the people, gathering to have a family and healthy posterity.

    In Simferopol, in Children's park for a long time there is a Zoocorner, and nearby the Corner of fairy tales of Pushkin. So if you with children have a rest in Nikolaevka or somewhere else at the Western coast, necessarily go to capital of Crimea.

    On road from Simferopol on a cave of Chatyrdaga, at with. Marble recently has opened the Zoo of birds.

    In Alushte the Crimean natural reserve pleases tourists with the Museum of the nature and Dendrozooparkom, the nature only Crimea here is presented, however, she on herself is very rich. In the city some aquariums, most worthy of them – in the Center of children's creativity. To the west of Alushty in Partenite it is very popular the Alushtinsky delphinarium .

    Yalta is famous for the Nikitsky botanical garden which gathers, except the Top park and Kaktusovoj of a greenhouse, to open for excursions (paid, it is final) two more parks – Bottom and Montedor.

    The Nikitsky botanical garden is an ideal place for the student's and academic scientific congresses on the ecology, natural and agricultural sciences.

    It is certainly good Yalta a zoo "Рърчър" which fairly name "яырэх=ющ tender чтхЁхщ" they have got used to that not only photograph them, but also iron, and treat with entertainments specially bought on cash desk – strictly on a science.

    By a season of 2005 at departure to Livadii opens big Theatre of sea animals with three scenes. Dolphins act as well in sanatorium pool "+ѕЁчѕ¶ёъшщ". And tired all "Лэфшэр" with the favourite acted in film in a hotel delphinarium "Їы=р".

    Management Karadagsky reserve in the item Resort (Feodosiya) possesses an excellent Delphinarium where except dolphins fur seals act also. Nearby some exhibitions of exotic snakes and reptiles, and it surround all remarkable ancient dendropark.

    Kerch among experts is known for a long time for the Sea museum of management "+чОхЁр№ср".

    Sevastopol with its high schools and the research centres – the recognised leader in the field of sea ecology, the underwater technics and naval researches. More all is known one of the oldest in the world the Aquarium of institute of Biology of the southern seas (it is based by legendary Mikluho-Maklaem and the prof. Kovalevsky). the Delphinarium is located directly in city centre, and Theatre of sea animals in the Cossack bay – where in a Soviet period of thousand dolphins and fur seals trained in sea terrorism.

    Except all it across Crimea the huge number of vagrant exhibitions of exotic reptiles, snakes and amphibious, insects, aquariums with local and exotic inhabitants wanders.

    Parks-monuments of landscape gardening art of 19 centuries in Crimea 25, in many of them as in the good botanical gardens, all remarkable trees, bushes and lianas are supplied by tablets. Among the parks created recently too is remarkable – for example, in sanatorium "+ыѕ°=шэёъшщ".

    Crimea still develops space researches , keeping scientific divisions of the leading centres of Russia. First of all, in the item Scientific where the biggest works in Europe a telescope, and opening of new planets are put on a stream so rich people even can immortalise themselves in universal scale. The Simferopol society of fans of astronomy has constructed in 1960th years an amateur observatory. And expeditions in August when passage through a belt of asteroids causes mass "чтхчфюярф" pass at the sea, usually on Karadagsky reserve. Even schoolboys have possibility to register the opening of the heavenly phenomena in the world catalogues!

    The museums (space, naval, of regional studies), the richest park ensembles and scientific mugs has the International centre Artek , known for thematic changes on ecology in which thousand children from tens countries of the world take part. The international competitions of teachers where young teachers and leaders represent author's programs in the field of school and nonscholastic adult education and education are very popular. Now Artek essentially raises level of comfort and computer maintenance of the camps for all-the-year-round work.

    On a vacation develop the work numerous courses on studying of foreign languages (for example, the program " English ъыѕ" in Alushte), computer technologies, art, sports skill.

    Adventure tourism is based on really fantastic variety of the nature and history of Crimea and the modern technics (diving, driving dzhippov, rock-climbing, a mountain bicycle), and also traditional romantic values, like riding.

    Skauting in Crimea has appeared together with the first honourable scout of Russia – tsesarevichem Alexey. It is possible to tell modestly and shortly that the best place for childish games in scouts, Indians, cowboys, tarzanov, robinzonov and other, than Crimea, simply does not exist. For all children's movements connected with a life on the nature, Crimea from the beginning of 90th years is the international base of preparation of leaders. In Gurzuf there is a Regional bureau of the World scout movement across the CIS countries, Afghanistan and Mongolia. In Yalta the headquarters of scouts of Ukraine is placed. During all seasons, on a vacation and holidays the weight of camps, campaigns, games, competitions and ecological actions is spent. On May dzhembori (meeting) in Sou-uchhan natural boundary tens groups from the several countries gather.

    In July-August annually pass one and a half-two ten archaeological expeditions from Russia, a little Ukrainian, together with international. In the majority of them, and students participate in many and schoolboys. Many expeditions work near to the sea - on Tarhankutsky peninsula (Kalos-limen and other antique settlements), for Evpatoria (Kerkinitida), on Kerch peninsula (Tiritaka, Nimfej and other settlements). But not less interesting and in Foothills. There, the truth, too everywhere is reservoirs for bathing. Children's groups every week one-two day spend at historical excursions so combine both physical activities, and adventures, both opening, and rest.

    Igor Rusanov

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