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    weather in Crimea


    Crimea - peninsula of ENTERTAINMENTS. Aakvaparki, boulingi, night clubs


    Now in Crimea it is a lot of them, and at everyone the style. So there is a sense even on a special tourist trip that most to make impression and about service level, and about beauty and interesnostjah surrounding places.

    The Price level in all aquaparks is approximately identical and operatively reacts to a market situation. In May and July-August can be 70-100 griven for a day, in June 50-70. For planned groups of health resorts or tourists there can be sparing enough conditions – for example, for 2 hours – 30 griven.

    Separate money it is necessary to pay for using jashchichkom (usually 10 griven), but also in general temptations of a morozhnogo-cake and drinks from adrenaline increase seriously. The prices in akvaparkovskih cafe about the same that on quays. However, "уѕы =і, so уѕы =і" - the spirit and excitation are inconceivable in an economy effort.

    The In itself set of hills, pools and a jacuzzi in all aquaparks is approximately identical and corresponds to standards of the Mediterranean resorts. But the originality of each Crimean place has been successfully considered by founders of all aquaparks, and the main thing – investors and designers in fight for the visitor show passion and imagination.

    The Aquapark "+юыѕсющ чрышт" in Simeize

    Between settlements Simeiz and Katsiveli (the Big Yalta) on the West from mountain the Cat in natural boundary the Blue gulf since 2001 operates the big aquapark first in Crimea with set of hills, pools, fountains and attractions. Having a rest spend there all the day long – for rest, a food and entertainments there is all necessary. The complex is perfectly entered in surrounding landscape with peaked rocks and relic evergreen groves.

    The General style – the elegant fantastic Middle Ages with a red brick and peaked turrets. Very difficult abrupt relief has allowed to arrange densely hills and pools, but between them have managed to arrange still remarkable beds with evergreen exotic plants and lawns caressing an eye.

    By a new season the aquapark should extend, however for a high season it is necessary to be morally ready to turns on the most popular hills.

    Besides good parking for those who arrives on the cars and buses, there is also a trip transport from Yalta and Sevastopol.

    Below parking place – artificial gravijno-galechnye and natural clumpy beaches with very pure water. The remote beaches long since are considered as the nudist. Over them towers huge white "=рЁхыър" a locator and other so fantastic designs of branch of the Crimean astrophysical observatory in Katsiveli. Here the important opening in the Soviet researches of space are made. Fantastic films ("Крщэр iron фтхЁш" acted in film also;).

    the Season – from May till November, and an aquapark relief does its similar to the huge plate of the locator turned to the south and collecting not only direct, but also solar beams reflected from the sea. May sunburn because of special cleanliness and a transparency of local air (because of it here before revolution the branch of the Pulkovsky observatory has opened) can be too fast – take care of a protective cream!

    A kvapark "-юфэ№щ ьшЁ" in the Pike perch

    The Aquapark is opened by a season of 2003 in east part of a city, nearby to the sea. One and a half ten every possible hills, spirals, fountains, pools, cafe and other entertainments includes.

    Besides water pleasures for all day, night dancing programs with participation of the invited celebrities here are arranged. Actually all stars who does not descend from screens of the Russian and Ukrainian television channels, in the summer necessarily happen and here.

    From other aquaparks differs open space and absence of differences in a relief – frankly speaking, a platform absolutely flat. For night discos it is possible to consider it as advantage and some guarantee of safety. Good acoustics and absence of obstacles for the review.

    Convenient entrances, a parking. Simply to reach and on foot from Quay or the city centre.

    For fans of mountain walks – nearby remarkable cape Alchak with the well-known Aeolian harp (a through grotto). Directly through a grotto it is possible to make aquapark photos.

    On to a price level the Pike perch is much easier than Southern coast, but a season here short, evergreen plants – a rarity, as well as serene days in October. Real pleasure – only in three summer months, but in separate years can be successful both May, and September.

    Alushtinsky an aquapark "¦шэфрыіэр  ЁюЁр"

    It is constructed by a season of 2004 at quay of the Professorial corner, the western resort suburb Alushty.

    For the first time in Ukraine the entertaining complex with the advanced water attractions includes also comfortable hotel (about 50 numbers) and restaurant. Very expensively, but it is magnificent and entertaining.

    Actually the aquapark is on a roof of a huge building. Besides one and a half tens hills there is a separate game small town for small children, and also spacious pool with falls. The delight of public is caused also by a huge jacuzzi.

    In the engineering-architectural plan the aquapark is integral, monolithic, a design from ferro-concrete, vrezannaja in a hillside directly over quay. It differs special seismostability and is remarkably entered in an environment. Simplicity of transport does an aquapark accessible even for trips for the weekend of the majority of cities of Ukraine. There are also special minibuses from Yalta. A convenient parking.

    the Prices in Alushte – from thousand dollars a day for rent of a magnificent private residence with own pool to 15-20 dollars for good apartment in a private sector. Public – very different because of good transport availability. During a high season it can be noisy and it is rather dirty – the truth, it concerns Alushty, instead of the Professorial corner. In general high-grade the season lasts since May, 1st on the end of October, and in separate years the warm and clear can be and November.

    Banana republic AKVAPARKOS

    Has opened on June, 15th, 2005 at a platform Coastal between resorts of Saki (to it more close) and Evpatoria. The entertaining complex is conceived not without influence of the next clones of Kazantipsky rave-festival. Hardly further on the north the complex "Рюыэ№°ъю" settles down updated by a season of 2005; with its dancing in 1000 square metres and further away at with. popovka - "рхёяѕсышър Ka Za э=шя" with its fences, visas, yellow small suitcases and indispensable pi-arovymi scandals. In itself this coast represents flat infinite golden beaches and convenient smooth highway along them, it is possible so to be wound there-here as much as necessary. Common fault – steppe a wind, any "velvet" season. Often after a dinner the wind from the sea lifts waves and water becomes muddy and yellowish-green from sand. However, just on such case the aquapark will be by the way.

    Judging by its concept – latino-piracy – to sleep nearby will give to nobody. Rastamanov Jamaica waits, and on Sambodrome are expected karnavalnye madnesses. Popular water spiral hills of type the Anaconda are concentrated in Amazon, and high-speed water tunnels are named Red pepper, the Dark blue fog and Kosy Itity. The spacious pool in the complex centre, naturally, is called as Caribbean. Expected favorable a season – since May, 1st on the middle of September. It is possible to live here directly on beach campings – in tent small towns or in a bungalow. The Evpatorijsky club youth usually spends night in dances, and sleep off on a beach in the afternoon so any special money for a lodging for the night can and to be planned. As a whole the prices for habitation in this area – the most accessible in Crimea.

    The Nearby city-resort the healthy person depresses Saki an abundance of invalids-koljasochnikov a little. But if among your relatives there are invalids, or those for whom serious treatment for barreness is necessary is one of the most effective in the world of resorts. In Sakah very pleasant and interesting resort park which modern cafes adjoin also.

    On the north from "+ътрярЁъюёр" on highway or by an electric train it is possible to get in Evpatoria – a large resort and the tourist centre with a rich set of sights and entertainments.

    By a season of 2006 the entertaining centres with aquaparks in Fedosii on the Gold beach (118 km of highway Simferopol – Kerch) and in the Crystal bay of Sevastopol are under construction. Waterslides, trampolines and other water attractions are on all popular beaches. On the Crystal bay while there are no data, but scope of building there serious, and a place – the most beautiful.

    Igor Rusanov

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