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    Crimea - HOSPITABLE peninsula. Ethnic cuisine and the Crimean wines

    One of special pleasures of the Crimean rest, is more exact two: a variety of wines to which the set of the glorified world types (champagne, a sherry, madera, tokaj, a muscat and other) both set of national restaurants and cafe is presented. These two varieties together create some problem which decision, however, can turn to a self-sufficient kind of informative tourism.

    Do not forget that with wine wash down meal! And we will try to pick up wine support to the basic national dishes of the motley population of Crimea.

    The First Russian communities began to appear in the Pike perch, Feodosiya and Kerch in the Middle Ages. It were merchants and handicraftsmen. Mass resettlement of serfs from the central Russia has begun since 1783 after joining of Crimea to empire.

    As simple Russian meal we will advise moist champagne under black or red caviar and the Crimean sturgeon. Still good pair: port krasn yj Livadija to a fried pig, - speak, Nikolay II favourite food. To it attribute introduction in a fashion to have a snack cognac limonchikom. Well and if without special expenses: pelmeni and red port, and if hot - okroshka and dry white.

    Ukrainians has close connections with peninsula since the Crimean khanate. Chumatsky transports with salt, mutual trade in a peace time and so mutual attacks in military - all it served moving and hashing of people though, of course, the basic stream of the Ukrainian settlers has gone to Crimea only in the end of XVIII century, and a maximum has reached in 1950th

    the Ukrainian cuisine has strongly entered into all Crimean families and public catering institutions. To aroma and us yshchennosti a borsch will adequately answer only madera. To fish dishes and chicken meat the sherry, well and to meat – red ports will go. Vareniki with cherries, sweet pies and an other batch will go under fragrant church wines, cahors wine, Vermouth.

    the Crimean Tatars as an ethnic generality were generated on the basis of gradual merge of variety of ancient tribes of Tavriki and several waves of the steppe nomadic people (hazar, pechenegov, polovtsev-kypchakov and others). There are distinctions in language, appearance and a way of life of South careful, mountain and steppe Tatars. the kitchen as a whole has lines Mediterranean and is perfectly combined with all classical types of wines. To Konin, unlike other Tatars, in Crimea it is not accepted to prepare. Do not eat also mushrooms. But perfectly prepare pork. From dishes especially I recommend sarma - a small stuffed cabbage in the grape leaves specially pickled in advance. To sarma easy pink dry or moist wines, for example, Muskat Alkadar will go. To soup with small pelmeshkami – dry Kokur; to chebureks – red ports; to sweets, fruit and coffee – muscats and legendary What the Penalty (the Black Doctor).

    After a life in exile in a food of the Crimean Tatars dishes an Uzbek cuisine (samsa, lagman, manty, plov) prevail. So cafes seldom happen krymsko-Tatar, and it is east (in a broad sense) kitchen on the basis of the Uzbek dishes more likely. Cafes usually have a flooring for meal – a trestle bed with carpets and pillows.

    The Word the shish kebab has come to Russian from Tatar a shish-face. To it the sated red wines, dry red "+ыѕ°=р" move; will be just right.

    Greeks moved to Crimea several waves and have left an appreciable trace in its history, culture and kitchen. Almost in all cafes and in many families of Crimea the Greek salad is popular: vegetables, olives, olive oil, fresh white cheese – ideal support to champagne, white dry wines, and also a sherry and madere.

    In Crimea Armenians have the Old story . In the Middle Ages they made together with maloazijskimi Greeks, as left the native land under the impact of Turks, the basic population of Southwest Crimea, and also cities in East to Crimea. The Armenian flat bread an unleavened wheat cake is on sale everywhere and is popular in many Crimean families. However, and Georgian hachapuri and chahohbili - a commonplace in Crimea though the big waves of resettlement were not, but separate families, especially on Southern coast, lodged from the Middle Ages. The Caucasian cuisine is well accompanied by white Rkatsiteli to dishes from vegetables and a bird and the sated red wines, first of all Saperavi, to meat, fried on coals.

    In the Pike perch, Feodosiya and Kerch even before revolution curious splinters of the Middle Ages - communities Crimean "zhenoveztsev" ( genoeses ) remained. The pizza is well combined with lungs white or pink wines, and soft fat Italian ice-cream with pink and red Vermouths. Difficult culinary products in the Italian style I advise to accompany Marsala – this type of wine was born in the city with the same name to Sicily.

    Spaniards have appeared in Crimea rather recently in 1940 are there were families or orphans of soldiers-republicans. To show solidarity to Spain it is pertinent under a sherry.

    Germans , including natives of Switzerland, have lodged in Crimea at Catherine II and were engaged, basically, agriculture, winemaking including. For example, vinsovhoz “a gold field” it is based originally as by Tsjurihtal. In August, 1941 Germans have been moved to Northern Kazakhstan and their village in Crimea were not restored any more.

    From German cuisine dishes in Prisivashe in radical Russian and Ukrainian families till now it is very popular shtrudel (the meat or forcemeat slices which have been wrapped up in strips of the test and with a meat broth). And tourists can get acquainted with a German cuisine in a bar of new Alpine hotel “Glade of fairy tales” over Yalta. White wines from Rislinga and Silvanera also will go under stewed cabbage and sausages. Nonsaturated red wines, for example dionisovsky "Kronental" - to stewed meat and a gammon.

    The Countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America have brought the contribution to a genotype krymchan thanks to higher educational institutions. Chinese in Crimea, as well as everywhere in the world, already it is a lot of restaurants. From the Crimean wines it is necessary to be guided by dry spicy Kokur, Traminer to dishes from fish and a bird, and on pink or red nonsaturated wines (for example, "+хЁръых ") to meat dishes.

    Are popular enough fastfudy a Lebanese cuisine : shaurma and other kebaby. To them are good dry red ekstraktivnye the sated wines of Saperavi, Merlo, Pino fran.

    Igor Rusanov

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