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    weather in Crimea


    Crimea - peninsula of CHAMPIONS. Sports and an extreme

    The Nature of Crimea is mighty, but is friendly and always as though suggests to think and measure desirable degree of risk or physical activity level. It is exclusively good for preparation of young sportsmen and sharpening of sports skill. And to traditional sports and tourist kinds all is constantly added fashionable and unusual.

    Crimea long since was base for preparation sportsmen all Soviet Union to Olympic games. Alushtinsky base "Spartak", Yalta "Avant-guard", the International centre Artek, yacht-clubs in Sevastopol, give to Evpatoria and now excellent possibilities for trainings and rest of sportsmen: athletes, bicyclists, football players, and it is final, for various kinds sailing and aquatics, diving. Competitions on underwater orientation and photographing are spent also.

    For the World championships on chess and draughts, possibly, value atmosphere of the general serenity and friendliness has. The World championships are spent also on sports ball dances - in hotel "Yalta". In other tourist complexes โ€“ in Evpatoria, Nikolaevka, Alushte, Partenite, the Pike perch also hold the competitions giving and excellent possibilities for rest.

    The International centre Artek spends the whole specialised change on sports ball dances, and it is some thousand participants. The same change in Arteke is devoted also to classical ballet.

    National and variety dances also in honour at various children's festivals - "At Black sea" in children's camp "ะšะฐัั‚ะตะปัŒ" (Alushta) and "the Dancing dolphin" in ShChelkino.

    At the big hotels and camp sites is halls of training apparatus and it is frequent small towns of training apparatus in parks. They are successfully supplemented with various kinds of massage, Finnish a sauna , Russian and Turkish a bath . However, anything on the weakening effect and a hydromassage not to be compared to bathing in the sea.

    In the Summer clubs fighting arts and east spiritual doctrines from many countries practise in mountains - among the pure nature, near to sacred places from an antiquity, known for the is inexplicable powerful power. It for example, a plateau of Chatyrdaga, a vicinity of Red caves, Mangup, a bay of Laspi, park of the Center of children's creativity in Alushte, Karabah.

    The Abundance of romantic ruins and rich military history involve to Crimea fans role games and historical fencing. In the Sudaksky Genoa fortress in July passes the big international tournament on historical fencing, representations then are arranged each days off all the August long.

    In all interested persons can play a paintball. Organizers of game groups can be seen on quays. The international tournament "-ั•ััŽัŠ Black ัŒัŽะย " it is spent in Alushte in February.

    Alpininizm in its classical kind with eternal ice and discharged air of high mountains is not possible, but perfect conditions for rock-climbing - amateur and sports. In the autumn on rocks at settlement Foros the championships of Moscow on rock-climbing are usually spent. Known skalodromy are equipped taking into account the international requirements and with participation of world stars, for example, the French climbers. It is the Nikitsky cleft near to Yalta, mountain the Falcon at the Pike perch, Petrovsky rocks at Simferopol.

    Speleoturizm in Crimea has initially been connected not only with sports, but also with scientific researches. Opening proceed and now. Sports competitions for children are spent on a plateau of Chatyrdaga, and for adults on Karabi. In Akmonajsky stone quarries pass competitions on underground orientation. All speleotsentry will be organised by special campaigns for siphons - the galleries filled in with water which should be overcome in aqualungs.

    Hire mountain bicycles , jeeps with drivers and riding horses is organised in Sevastopol, Yalta, Alushte, Simferopol, Bakhchisarai, the Pike perch, Feodosiya, ShChelkino.

    Competitions for children and youth are spent practically all year long. Large international competitions โ€“ in May and in the end of September in Alushte.

    ยฆัŠั‘=ะัˆัŒ-ัˆัƒะโ„–: skejtbording, aggressivnye rollers, trjukovoe driving on bicycles VMH, a break-dans, graffiti and other are developed in cities. The platform for driving on the roller fads, a trial and other is equipped in Evpatoria (park of Frunze) and Simferopol (Children's park). In Yalta the big international competitions on to a break are held. Serious hip-hopovaja the life rages in the summer in Simeize and Evpatoria. And here in Sevastopol rock clubs, metal, the punk and other gitaristika traditionally are stronger.

    Modern the bowling-centres with full computer equipment has appeared recently in Yalta ("-ั…=ัŽ" in Seaside park and in the entertaining centre of hotel "+ะั…ั€ัั„ั€"), in Alushte (quay of the Professorial corner), in Simferopol on the area of Kuibyshev. the pool (Russian and American) is practically everywhere from quays of resorts to cafe in mountain villages. Sports tournaments are spent in Yalta, Simferopol and Alushte. The prices for hour of game or party the highest on quays and time in two more low in inhabited microdistricts.

    the Paraplanerism , parachuting and easy aircraft in their modern Russian and Ukrainian kind were born on Klimentyev's (Uzun-syrt) grief in Koktebel known as Planersky. Directly on a grief there is a gliding Museum. For a summer season the international competitions and festivals are spent some. Remarkable possibilities of a plateau Ah-petri are known also, is hardly easier deltadromy near Simferopol. Strong aeroclubs exist in Simferopol, Sevastopol, Jankoi.

    Alushtinsky an aquapark "ยฆัˆัั„ั€ั‹ั–ัั€ย  ะัŽะั€"

    It is constructed by a season of 2004 at quay of the Professorial corner. For the first time in Ukraine the entertaining complex with the advanced water attractions includes also comfortable hotel and restaurant. Besides one and a half tens hills there is a separate game small town for small children, and also spacious pool with falls. The delight of public is caused also by a huge jacuzzi.

    In the engineering-architectural plan this monolithic design from ferro-concrete differs special seismostability and is remarkably entered in an environment. Simplicity of transport does an aquapark accessible even for trips for the weekend of the majority of cities of Ukraine. There are also special minibuses from Yalta.

    the Aquapark "+ัŽั‹ั•ััŽั‰ ั‡ั€ั‹ัˆั‚" in Simeize

    Between settlements Simeiz and Katsiveli (the Big Yalta) on the West from mountain the Cat in natural boundary the Blue gulf since 2001 operates the big aquapark first in Crimea with set of hills, pools, fountains and attractions. Having a rest spend there all the day long โ€“ for rest, a food and entertainments there is all necessary. The complex is perfectly entered in surrounding landscape with peaked rocks and relic evergreen groves. Below โ€“ artificial gravijno-galechnye and natural clumpy beaches with very pure water. Over them towers huge white "=ั€ะั…ั‹ัŠั€" a locator and other so fantastic designs of branch of the Crimean astrophysical observatory in Katsiveli. Here the important opening in the Soviet researches of space are made. Fantastic films ("ะšั€ั‰ัั€ iron ั„ั‚ั…ะัˆ" acted in film also;). Besides good parking for those who arrives on the cars and buses, there is also a trip transport from Yalta and Sevastopol.

    Aะบะฒะฐะฟะฐั€ะบ "-ัŽั„ัโ„–ั‰ ัŒัˆะ" in the Pike perch

    The Aquapark is opened by a season of 2003 in east part of a city, nearby to the sea. One and a half ten every possible hills, spirals, fountains, pools, cafe and other entertainments includes. Besides water pleasures for all day, night dancing programs with participation of the invited celebrities here are arranged. From other aquaparks differs open space and absence of differences in a relief. But for fans of mountain walks โ€“ nearby remarkable cape Alchak with the well-known Aeolian harp (a through grotto). Convenient entrances, a parking. Simply to reach and on foot from Quay or the city centre.

    By a season of 2005 the entertaining centres with aquaparks in Coastal (on the Saksky rerash) and in the Crystal bay of Sevastopol are under construction. Waterslides, trampolines and other water attractions are on all popular beaches.

    Igor Rusanov

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