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    sanatorium ' the Mountain Sun ', Yalta, Crimea

    Sanatorium "Mountain sun" Alupka of all-the-year-round action on seacoast.

    The Main sight of Alupki - a palace a museum Vorontsova P. S's column. The palace is adjoined by one of the most beautiful parks of Southern coast of Crimea who amazes not only the vegetation, but also architectural forms - arbours twined greens, fontanchiki, freshening the cool.

    Near to the Vorontsovsky palace the sanatorium "Mountain sun" which is buried in verdure own park leaving to a beach of sanatorium is located.

    sanatorium Specialization: treatment of the top respiratory ways with application of nonconventional methods - aromoterapija, hydrochloric mines.

    Placing: two floor sleeping case with 3 local numbers consisting of 2 rooms (a small drawing room and a bedroom), the third berth in a drawing room a soft sofa. In all numbers all conveniences, a refrigerator and the TV. Numbers without balconies.

    a Food: 3 single complex in a sanatorium dining room, service through waiters.

    Water supply: cold and hot water constantly.

    the Beach: own small galechnyj, in 300 - ax metres from the case. The road on a beach passes on shady park of sanatorium.

    Journey: from Ry station of a city of Simferopol by trip bus, by trolley bus or a fixed-route taxi to Yalta (time in a way 1,5-2,5 hours), further change on the Yalta road service station on bus N 26 (Yalta-Alupka), to a stop Autostation of Alupki. Then to go down downwards 40 metres to the sanatorium case.

    Rules of settlement having a rest:

    The Checkout time - 12.00.

    At settlement it is necessary to have on hands the passport, a sanatorium card, the permit or the voucher, sending firm. To address in registry.

    Days of preschedule departure and delay are not compensated. A food is not transferred.

    the Note:

    • the Discount for the children's permit from 4 till 14th years makes 20% from cost of the adult permit. Thus children take places on the basic berth.
    • Children till 4th years in sanatorium are not accepted.

    the Address: Alupka, Lenin's street, 9 Sanatorium "Mountain sun" 2 branch.

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