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    sanatorium ' Livadija ', Yalta, Crimea

    In the centre of Southern coast of Crimea, on a mountain Mogambi slope, sanatorium "Ливадия" is located. It is created on the basis of an architecturally-park complex of the former summer residence of an imperial family of Romanovs.

    Is not present on Southern coast of Crimea of a place more more beautifully and more in an original way. It name "magic" for the unusual silence reigning over stately district. Surrounded with the picturesque rocks creating an original microclimate, "Livadija" keeps the unique romantic beauty.

    In sanatorium "Ливадия" to services having a rest seven sleeping and three medical-diagnostic cases, a fine dining room, a balneary, the lifts conducting from cases to a beach, athletic fields, service service, round the clock a supervised parking.

    Restaurant "Ливадия" is located in a palace of baron Frederiksa. Cosy elegance of interiors creates atmosphere of celebratory privacy. Here to you will offer the widest choice of refined dishes and the best wines of Crimea. Only here possibility to try the original dishes of imperial kitchen prepared under ancient recipes is given to you.

    The Special charm of Livadii is given by magnificent park (40 hectares), put almost 150 years ago. It and now remains to one of the best parks Juzhnoberezhja. Here originates terenkur - an excellent Solar (Imperial) track in the extent 6700м.

    A health Palace name sanatorium "Ливадия". It is one of the oldest health resorts of Crimea of a cardiological profile. In health services system special branch for dolechivanija the patients who have transferred a heart attack of a myocardium, physiotherapeutic branch, offices of functional diagnostics, psychotherapy, tooth, x-ray, clinical and biochemical laboratories. Consultations of experts are carried out. Actively using a climate in a combination to sea procedures, physiotherapy exercises and a dietary food, physicians of sanatorium achieve high efficiency of treatment.

    sanatorium ` Livadija `, Yalta, Crimea sanatorium ` Livadija `, Yalta, Crimea sanatorium ` Livadija `, Yalta, Crimea

    In a balneary release pearl, oxygen, grassy baths on sea water, underwater massage. Now nonconventional methods of preventive maintenance and the treatments developed by scientific employees of the Nikitsky botanical garden, based on use of dry and liquid aromatic medical drinks, compositions from essence are applied.

    At us all conditions for playing sports are created: excellent tennis courts with an artificial covering, volleyball and badmintonnye platforms, sports and exercise rooms, a sauna with pool.

    To services having a rest a cinema, dance halls, library, satellite TV.

    in favorable conditions of sanatorium patients change literally, leave home got stronger, getting here that is the most expensive than jewelry on light - HEALTH.

    the Name:
    Sanatorium "Ливадия"
    the Address:
    Republic of Crimea, Yalta, pgt. Livadija, Baturin's lane, 6
    a treatment Profile:
    Disease of respiratory organs
    Disease of bodies of blood circulation
    Gynecologic illnesses
    Treatment by a dirt
    Cardiovascular illnesses
    Medical services:
    a massage Office, electrotreatment, ingaljatory, balneotherapy, physiotherapy exercises hall, a hydromassage office, acupuncture, the psychotherapist, herbal medicine, manipulation, physiotherapy, mud cure, laser therapy, clinical, biochemical and immunologicheskie researches, cardiovascular diseases, balneotherapy, the oculist, the LOR-DOCTOR, the rheumatologist, the cardiologist, the gynecologist, the urologist, the pediatrist, the therapist.
    a Food:
    The custom-made menu
    In a dining room
    At restaurant
    Rasctojanie to the sea:
    the Infrastructure:
    Restaurant, a cinema, a bar, an athletic field, billiards, hire of TVs, the refrigerators, the equipped beach, shop, a hairdressing salon, a video hall, fiziokabinet, a tooth office, an exercise room, a sauna, mail, library, sea walks on the yacht, hire of water skis, sledge, surfing, boats, connection of numbers to the satellite aerial, own park, courts, a dance pavilion, a first-aid post, excursion bureau, booking of tickets, the international phone the automatic machine, parking place, currency exchange point.
    a work Season:
    All year long
    stay Time:
    Any quantity of days not less than 7 days
    1-mestn. Number
    2-mestn. Number (partial conveniences)
    2-mestn. A junior suite
    2-mestn. Lux
    In number:
    the Shower, a washstand, a toilet, the TV, a refrigerator, a radio receiving station.
    Suite: a shower, a washstand, a toilet, the TV, a refrigerator, phone, a radio receiving station.
    the Discount:
    For children till 10 years - the discount of 50%
    For children from 10 till 15 years - the discount of 30%
    And also the discount in case of an added place

    the Address: 334251, Crimea, Yalta, the item of Livadija, Baturin-6 lane

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