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    weather in Crimea


    boarding house ' Donbass ', Yalta, Crimea

    So, you have decided to spend holiday in one of the most beautiful corners of Southern coast of Crimea - boarding house with treatment "Donbass" which receives visitors here already more than 30 years.

    Also have correctly made. Here there is everything that your holiday became unforgettable.

    Surrounded by sea and mountains, this corner always drew to itself attention.

    In park which almost all year long in colour, seven sleeping cases with comfortable double rooms have settled down.

    In "Donbass" care of cultural rest of visitors - at your service club with auditorium on 600 places on which scene actors from Moscow, Kiev, St.-Petersburg act. Here you can look an interesting film. For you wait: a magnificent hall, library with a cosy reading room, a room of silent games, a billiard room, a bar with the concert program, a disco. A hairdressing salon, mail, railway cash desks, shops, cafe open-air - all it at your service.

    boarding house ` Donbass `, Yalta, Crimea the Easy breeze has blown the seas and you wanted on a beach, and a beach in resort small town excellent, it occupies 460 metres of a coastal zone and is constructed in three circles.

    Here there is everything that delivers true pleasure from dialogue with the sea: boats water bicycles and motorcycles, a walking boat, motodeltoplaner, an aerosun deck, canopies and plank beds, an exercise room, a first-aid post, a summer bar and, certainly, tender Black sea.

    In "Donbass" the qualified health services.

    Here treatment of diseases of respiratory organs of not tubercular character, cardiovascular, nervous system and the oporno-impellent device, and also sanitation and prosthetics of a teeth is spent.

    The Cosmetic surgery will help you to get rid of the congenital and got defects of the person and a body.

    At your service covered swimming pool with warmed up sea water, medical baths and souls, a hydromassage, a sauna, ingaljatory, herbal medicine, physiotherapy, laser therapy, acupuncture, classical massage, manipulation, psychotherapy, training and shejpingovyj halls.

    In boarding house there are all necessary conditions for improvement and treatment of children.

    boarding house ` Donbass `, Yalta, Crimea boarding house ` Donbass `, Yalta, Crimea boarding house ` Donbass `, Yalta, Crimea

    The Branch of excursion bureau will organise for you bus and sea excursions: on Southern coast of Crimea - in Livadiju, Alupku; a hero town Sevastopol; in the Nikitsky botanical garden; you are waited by tasting of the Crimean wines.

    the Name:
    Boarding house of family rest "Donbass"
    the Address:
    Republic of Crimea, Yalta, pgt. Massandra
    a treatment Profile:
    Disease of respiratory organs of not tubercular character
    Serdechnososudistye illnesses
    Disease endokrinnoj and nervous system (neurosises, a neurasthenia)
    Illnesses of the oporno-impellent device
    Medical services:
    a massage Office, herbal medicine, physiotherapy, sight correction, manipulation, the psychotherapist, physiotherapy exercises hall, balneotherapy.
    a Food:
    Rasctojanie to the sea:
    the Infrastructure:
    the Dance pavilion, library, billiards, a hairdressing salon, mail, booking of tickets, shop, a bar, a first-aid post, hire of water skis, sledge, the surfing, the equipped beach, park.
    a work Season:
    All year long
    stay Time:
    7 days
    14 days
    21 day
    2-mestn. Number

    Come to "Donbass" - will not regret!

    for you here wait!

    the Address: Crimea, Yalta, settlement Massandra, small town of rest "Donbass".

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