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    weather in Crimea


    hotel ' the Jusupovsky palace ', Yalta, Crimea

    In a resort place of Koreiz at southern coast of Crimea in June, 1992 has opened the doors lux-hotel and business centre "Jusupovsky palace". Here you can take pleasure in architectural perfection of the building born by talent of remarkable Russian architect N.L.Krasnov.

    The Palace is constructed in Neoromance style with use of elements of the Italian Renaissance. Inputs in a building, ladders and arches are decorated by sculptures of lions and characters from Ancient Greek mythology. All is works of the Italian and German masters of the end of XIX century from different directions a palace is surrounded by relic trees and tiny pools.

    The Palace park - a landscape gardening monument - a child of known gardener Charles Kebaha, was stretched on the area of 16,5 hectares. In it it is collected more than 200 kinds of decorative trees and bushes. Summer heat is brightened up by a cool of numerous fountains of a palace, podpityvaemyh mountain streams.

    The Palace is constructed for one of the richest aristocratic dynasties of Russia close to an imperial palace. Its owner - prince Felix Jusupov count Sumarokov-Elsten - was the governor general of Moscow, and his wife - princess Zynaida Jusupova - had a reputation for one of the most brilliant women of Europe of the end of XIX century Their son - Felix Jusupov Jr. - was the only heir of an entail property. His name has become history in connection with active participation in attempt at Grigory Rasputina in December, 1916 in the Autumn of 1912 in a palace Felix-younger engagement with the niece of tsar Nikolay II great knjazhnoj Irina Aleksandrovnoj has taken place.

    hotel ` the Jusupovsky palace `, Yalta, Crimea Rough events of 1917 almost have not concerned a palace. It remained the privilege already party elite, the truth, without a mention of the concrete owner.

    In 1945 during the Yalta conference of heads of three powers the Jusupovsky palace became residence of the Soviet delegation led by Supreme commander I.V. Stalin.

    During the post-war period the palace becomes a summer residence of the Central Committee of the CPSU on which many had a rest party both statesmen of Soviet Union and heads of foreign communist parties.

    hotel ` the Jusupovsky palace `, Yalta, Crimea Today the Jusupovsky palace - ideal vacation spot, in calm. And a cool of magnificent park on slopes of Crimean mountains. It is ready to accept all who has got used to comfort and service at level the VIP.

    Palace interiors are executed with refined taste. Known domestic masters were involved in works. The most magnificent apartament is named in honour of the first owner of a palace - prince Jusupova. Names of apartments "Stalin" and "Hammers" speak about the one who was their owners.

    The Combination of the sea and mountain air which has been given to drink by aromas of a peach garden and evergreen laurels, a fan palm tree, plane trees and roses, gives unique possibility to restore the forces. And health.

    hotel ` the Jusupovsky palace `, Yalta, Crimea Magnificent kinds from windows and penthouses of luxurious numbers allow visitors to feel a part of the majestic nature of Crimea.

    Except cosy restaurant and a bar, at the disposal of visitors - a cinema hall, a billiard room, a tennis court, a platform for a ball game, a separate beach with a sauna and pool, massage and tender Black sea.

    During stay in a palace you have possibility fruitfully to work, hold a meeting or meeting, to make interesting excursions for survey of local sights and cities of Crimea - Sevastopol, Bakhchisarai, Feodosiya, etc.

    Here accepted Romanov's imperial family, gave reception to president Roosevelt, prime minister Churchill... And today we wait for you!

    the Name:
    Hotel "Jusupovsky palace"
    the Address:
    Republic of Crimea, Yalta, the item of Koreiz
    a treatment Profile:
    Disease of respiratory organs
    Disease endokrinnoj and nervous system (neurosises, a neurasthenia)
    Disease of respiratory organs of not tubercular character
    Medical services:
    Computer diagnostics, enoterapija, an office of ultrasonic diagnostics, physiotherapy exercises hall, sight correction, tooth prosthetics.
    a Food:
    Rasctojanie to the sea:
    the Infrastructure:
    the Cinema, an athletic field, the equipped beach, an exercise room, library, park, a dance pavilion, excursion bureau, the international call box.
    a work Season:
    All year long
    stay Time:
    7 days
    14 days
    21 day
    1-mestn. appartamenty
    2-mestn. appartamenty
    3-mestn. appartamenty
    1-mestn. Lux
    2-mestn. Lux
    3-mestn. Lux

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