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    weather in Crimea


    sanatorium ' October '

    sanatorium ' October ', Evpatoria, Crimea

    Among hundred sanatorium establishments of Evpatoria "October" occupies one of the central places. And not only because it is in city centre.

    One of the reasons of a great popularity of sanatorium "October" is that the doctor the psychotherapist - gipnolog the highest category here works, a member-correspondent of the Russian academy of problems of preservation of a life of B.N.Katz. In specially equipped cosy branch "October", and also on the basis of mud baths of "Mojnaki" it has for ever relieved of heavy illnesses literally thousand people. It is clear that glory of the miracle man - the healer they have carried on all corners of all CIS countries.

    What treat in "October"?

    The sanatorium Collective has saved up a wide experience of treatment of following diseases:

    - The oporno-impellent device;
    - Support and movement bodies;
    - Peripheral nervous system;
    - The gynecologic;
    - The top respiratory ways;
    - The digestive organs proceeding with lowered sekretornoj by function;
    - The skin;
    - Prostatitises, etc.

    The Basic methods of treatment.

    Except klimatoterapii, balneal and mud treatment, are widely used electrophototherapy, LFK, massage, mehanoterapija, dietoterapija, hypnosis and psychotherapy.

    In sanatorium offices work:

    - Procedural;
    - The gynecologic;
    - The massage;
    - The stomatologic;
    - The physiotherapeutic;
    - The psychotherapeutic.

    There is also a hall of physiotherapy exercises with a set of necessary training apparatus, own beach in isolated from movements of a municipal transportation a place.

    In need of visitors of a health resort can carry full investigation in kliniko-biochemical laboratory and branch of functional diagnostics TSKP, in an Ukrainian language of scientific research institute of children's balneology and physiotherapy. Balneolechenie and mud procedures are released on base obshchekurortnyh water- and mud clinics.

    Not a beach uniform.

    In sanatorium all conditions not only for high-grade treatment, but also for cultural rest are created. All sleeping premises of the sanatorium counted on 300 places, and also a dining room, club, library, medical offices are located in one beautiful and cosy three-storyed building. Chambers for having a rest - on 2-3 persons (a washstand, a shower, toilets - on floors).

    Territory of "October" one of the most green on a resort. The tram of the second route approaches to a health resort. Nearby a tram stop "edinichki" which passes through all city.

    In sanatorium club concerts, lectures and conversations, fascinating evenings of rest are regularly held. On each floor in halls colour TVs are established.

    Evpatoria is in 65 km. From Simferopol, it is connected by railway, air and sea transport practically with all big cities of the CIS countries. Except Moscow here to summertime there are through trains from S.Peterburga, Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk and other cities. And from Simferopol approximately in each hour the electric train comes, it is possible to arrive and the bus departing from railway station.

    On a resort influence of the sea and steppe open spaces adjoining to it are surprisingly combined. The sea moderates a cold in the winter, and in the summer heat. Breezes bring at coast of weight of the pure air sated with ozone, ions of the sea salts containing in sea water.

    On environmental conditions Evpatoria is close to northern Italy and southern France. And its gold beaches with the smallest limy sand fairly name the best in the world. The shallow gulf with a flat bottom well gets warm by the hot southern sun, therefore, unlike Yalta, Alushty, Feodosiya, other Crimean resorts, here in May begins a swimming season which proceeds till October. Many local residents and visitors of a resort do not leave the sea in the winter, becoming "walruses", having forgotten about illnesses and the advanced years.

    the Address:
    Republic of Crimea, Evpatoria, street of Kirov, 86
    a treatment Profile:
    Disease endokrinnoj and nervous system (neurosises, a neurasthenia), obshcheterapevtichesky a treatment profile, gynecologic illnesses, treatment by a dirt, disease of LOR-BODIES, disease of bodies of urinogenital system, illness of the oporno-impellent device, kostno-articulate and urological forms of a tuberculosis, skin illnesses, vascular diseases of finitenesses, chronic diseases of a nasopharynx, rehabilitation from unsuccessful areas of ecological influence.
    Medical services:
    a massage Office, electrotreatment, ingaljatory, balneotherapy, physiotherapy exercises hall, physiotherapy, laser therapy, balneotherapy, the orthopedist, the cardiologist, on the basis of resort polyclinic, the urologist, the pediatrist, the therapist.
    a Food:
    Five-single. In a dining room
    Rasctojanie to the sea:
    the Infrastructure:
    a Cinema, the equipped beach, fiziokabinet, a tooth office, an exercise room, a left-luggage office, library, park, currency exchange point.
    a work Season:
    stay Time:
    24 days. Any quantity of days
    2-mestn. Small houses without conveniences
    3-mestn. Small houses without conveniences
    In number:
    the Radio receiving station

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