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    weather in Crimea


    sanatorium ' Oren-Krym ', Evpatoria, Crimea

    sanatorium ` Oren-Krym `

    The Sanatorium is located in the city centre Evpatoria, warmed by the southern sun, washed by the pure and warm sea, covered with the gold sandy beaches, fanned by curative air.

    In our possibilities to put a maximum of efforts that rest and treatment in our sanatorium were of use for you.

    Evpatoria is recognised balneo - grjaze - klimatologichesky a resort which all factors successfully operate and in inter-season period.

    On environmental conditions Evpatoria is close to Northern Italy and Southern France. In inter-season period average temperature - + 10 - +14С, relative humidity - 73%, 22 sunny days a month.

    We have the unique medical and diagnostic base equipped with the newest medical equipment for treatment and research of diseases.

    We accept on rest and treatment of everything, including: parents with children, groups and classes of schoolboys and students, sportsmen. To pleasure having a rest there are sports courts, table tennis, chess. All of you are waited by interesting evenings of rest, a disco, excursion. For children there are game rooms under sensitive supervision of teachers, and schoolboys have possibility to receive the qualified consultations in all subjects of the school program.

    The Sanatorium is equipped by the good medical base including mud cure, water procedures, the speleo-chamber, massage, employment by physiotherapy exercises, physiotherapeutic services, services of the therapist, the pediatrist, lor, the gynecologist, the stomatologist, the neuropathologist, the orthopedist and experts of other directions of medicine.

    On the basis of sanatorium treatment of such diseases, as DTSP, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of bodies of respiratory ways, the oporno-impellent device, gynecologic diseases, and as diseases of bodies lor is carried out.

    Everyone who though time has had a rest at us, necessarily comes back here again. After all the care and attention of attendants, comfort and a cosiness, curative Crimean air invariably involve in sanatorium of many having a rest.

    Residing having a rest in comfortable 2 and 3 local numbers with all conveniences, 4 single food. Duration of the permit 24 days with breakdown for 12, 15, 18 days. The sanatorium gives considerable discounts for concluded contracts on a year cycle, and also for children from 2 till 10 years.

    Sanatorium "Oren-Krym" offers elite rest in Crimea.

    Having a rest live in the cottages constructed in 3 levels (4 bedrooms, a drawing room, an office, kitchen, sports hall, a chimney hall, a sauna, 2 bathrooms) with garage and open pool.

    Rest cost includes 4 single food under the individual order, and also treatment on the basis of sanatorium.

    the Address: Republic of Crimea, Evpatoria, street Frunze, 17

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